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Continuous improvement of small bag packaging machine

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Small bag filling machine for sale can be divided into powder packaging equipment according to different packaging materials: packaging of materials such as milk powder and coffee; Fluid or viscous body packaging equipment: such as sauce, grease and other materials packaging; Solid-shaped plastic theli packing machine: Because the size or shape of solid-shaped materials are quite different, it is necessary to adopt different filling and metering methods according to different materials.



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Main characteristics of foreign small bag packaging machines:


In recent years, the development of bag-making, filling and vacuum pouch sealing machines abroad is characterized by more standardized, characteristic and convenient production. Computer technology is widely used in automatic control in the production process, and equipped with various parameter metering devices, so that packaging, metering, bagging, sealing and cutting, printing and testing can be completed in one poly pack sealing machine. So as to ensure the packaging quality and achieve the requirements of high efficiency and low cost.


Advantages of small packaging packaging machine:


1. Standardization and modularization of structural design


When packaging different materials with one small bag packing machine, the modular design of the original model can be used to quickly change the specifications or change to other packaging models in a short time, and provide enough space for different metering systems.


2. The packaging speed is quick


At present, the single-row packaging speed of foreign plastic pouch machines is generally 30-150 bags/min. In recent years, many companies have introduced multi-row packaging machines (from 2 to 10 rows), which can greatly improve the packaging speed.


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3. High precision of structural movement


Due to the adoption of various new technologies, such as servo motor, encoder, digital control(NC), power load control(PLC), etc., various actions of mechanical control are performed with high precision, so that the filling metering accuracy and bag making accuracy of the whole bagging and sealing machine are improved to some extent.


4. Intelligent and flexible control


Most machines track and adjust various mechanical parameters through intelligent control instruments and menu software on touch screens. The electronic display screen shows the length of bag cutting, packaging speed, net content of fillings and packaging output, etc. The standard color code tracking photoelectric system can absolutely ensure the printed pattern of packaged products is correct. In addition, the small plastic packing machine can carry out on-line state monitoring and fault diagnosis and analysis on the working process, and automatically stop the machine once a problem occurs, and display the fault causes and solutions.


5. Diversified packaging forms


After more than 20 years' development, bag-making and filling packaging machinery has been relatively mature. Due to the technical level of users and various environmental factors, the demand for packaging machinery is like a pyramid, and the demand for high-precision plastic packet packing machine is like a tower tip. The more sophisticated equipment, the smaller the demand; The demand for medium and low-grade equipment is like the bottom of the pyramid. The quantity is large and the business opportunities are infinite.


With the increasing market demand, especially since 1990s, bag-making, filling and pouch manufacturing machines have developed rapidly. By referring to foreign products, digestion, absorption and independent research and development, great progress has been made in measuring range, measuring precision, product function and automation.

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