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Do You Know The Common Jargon Of Machining?

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Currently, machining has become a new trend as the manufacture develops increasingly popular among all the countries. Thus, it is significant for employees to know the common jargon of machining.


There are a lot of questions which can help you to understand the machining as well as its common terms. If you want to know more about it, you can read more articles about this issue.


93 machining 3

1: What is a pattern of machinings such as the filling and packing machines?


Answer: There is a drawing that can accurately express the shape, size, and technical requirements of the object.


2: What is a projection of this kind of filling machine?


Answer: It is a group of rays through the object to a predetermined plane to get the graphic method.



3: How many kinds of classification of projection methods?


Answer: It can be divided into the center projection method and parallel projection method. And the parallel projection method is divided into orthographic projection and oblique projection.


93 machining 3

4: What is a cutaway view of a plastic pouch packing machine?


A: A set of parallel rays passing through the object on the projection plane to get a pattern of a bag packing machine.


5: What are the three basic views of object projection?


Answer: Three basic views include the main view, top view, and left view.


6: What is the projection law of three views?


Answer: The length of the main and top view is right while the main and left views are high and flat. Finally, overhead and left view widths are equal.



7: What are the physical properties of metals of a weighing and packing machine?


A: The physical properties are including density, melting point, thermal expansion, electrical conductivity, and thermal conductivity. All the properties are of great significance of the automatic packing machines.



8: What is the melting point of the automatic weighing and packing machine?


A: The temperature at which a metal changes from a solid to a liquid state. The temperature has played an essential role in this packaging process.



9: What are the chemical properties of metals of a full pneumatic weigh filler?


Answer: It is the ability that points to metal material to resist its surrounding chemical medium under room temperature or high temperature to erode to it.



10: What are the chemical properties of a multi function automatic weighing filling machine?


A: The chemical properties are including oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance. If the packing machines do not have those properties, they will be damaged very quickly so that customers will think ill of their products.



11: What is an antioxidant?


A: Antioxidant ability at room or high temperatures.



12: What is the corrosion resistance of the packing and weighing machine?


Answer: The ability to resist corrosion of substances such as water vapor at high temperatures.



13: What is the mechanical property of a powder bag filling machine?


Answer: It refers to the ability of metal material to resist the action of external force.



14: What is metamorphosis?


Answer: It points to the change of shape and size that metallic material produces under external force action.



15: what kinds of deformation of metal materials can be divided into?


A: It can be divided into stretching, compression, bending, twisting, and shearing.



16: What is the elastic limit of a sumeve powder filling machine?


Answer: It refers to the material in the elastic stage that can bear the most force.


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