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Do you know enough about packing machine?

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Many pouch filling machines are made up of automatic bag-feeding packaging machine, microcomputer combined scale, rotary bucket elevator and operation platform, which are mainly suitable for quantitative packaging of various solid, granular, block and irregular materials, such as food industry, pet food industry, pharmaceutical industry and seed industry. And automatically complete feeding, automatic bag taking, production date printing, automatic quantification, filling, vibration, dust sweeping, exhaust, heat sealing and finished product output-full-automatic packaging production.



13-1-pouch filling machine

Main performance characteristics:


1. Many automatic small packing machines are automatic production, and these advanced equipment directly replacing manual packaging production enables enterprises to achieve packing automation, thus improving production efficiency and greatly reducing production costs.


2. Parts of the strip packing machine contacting with materials or packaging bags are processed with stainless steel or other materials meeting food hygiene requirements to ensure food hygiene and safety and meet food hygiene standards.


3. The seal packing machine adopts the most stable cam mechanical transmission technology, which makes the equipment run stably, with low failure rate and low energy consumption. At the same time, advanced technologies such as high-end circuit structure and man-machine interface (PLC+HMI) are adopted to realize electromechanical integration, and the operation is convenient and simple.


4. Increasing or decreasing the production speed in production will automatically adjust the angle value of pneumatic components. It avoids the deviation of angle value caused by modifying angle parameters at different speeds, resulting in unstable production.


5. The polythene sealing machine implements the functions of self-automatic detection and information feedback, etc. If there is no packaging bag or the packaging bag is not opened in the production operation, the detection device controls not to fill or seal, the running state is displayed in real time, and the packing sealing machine stops automatically. Save packaging materials and raw materials, and ensure the pollution of packaging site environment and raw materials.


6. Some industrial plastic bearings imported from Germany are adopted, so there is no need to refuel.


7. Packaging bags have a wide range of applications. Prefabricated bags and paper bags made of multilayer composite films such as single-layer PE, PE composite materials, CPP composite materials and aluminum foil can be packaged.


8. The loss of packaging material is low, and the continuous sealing machine uses prefabricated bags, which have perfect pattern and good sealing quality, thus improving the product grade.


9. The horizontal or vertical bag feeding mode enables the bag storage device to store more packaging bags, and has lower requirements on bag forming quality, and high bag separating and loading rates.


10. The sealing of aluminium foil sealing machine adopts constant temperature sealing.


13-2-pouch filling machine

11. Oil-free vacuum pump is used for bag opening.


12. The equipment is equipped with an empty bag sealing prevention device to control the empty bag not to be sealed and not to waste the packaging bag.


13. The packing tape machine controls the multi-head combined scale to release materials without wasting materials.


14. The equipment is equipped with a suitable stainless steel hopper according to the bag size, which is convenient to replace.


15. The equipment is equipped with vibration device to ensure that the sealing and clamping phenomenon will not occur during the material packaging process.


16. The plastic bag packing machine is equipped with safety protection doors made of transparent plexiglass.


17. Automatic control of touch screen, operating system in Chinese and English.


18. HMI software can be upgraded through USB flash drive.


19. The control system is modular, easy to maintain and low in cost.

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