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Do you know the bag-feeding packaging machine and the automatic bag-feeding packaging machine?

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In the previous article, we learned about packaging machinery such as continuous sealing machine, automatic weighing filling machine, liquid packing machine, etc. Today, we will learn about bag packaging machine and automatic bag filling machine together.



90.automatic bag-feeding packaging machine

The difference between bag-feeding packaging machine and automatic bag-feeding packaging machine

The bag-feeding packaging machine is mainly composed of coding machine, PLC control system, bag opening guide device, vibration device, dust removal device, solenoid valve, temperature controller, vacuum generator or vacuum pump, frequency converter, output system and other standard components. The main optional configurations are material measuring filling machine, working platform, weight sorting scale, material hoist, vibrating feeder, finished product conveying hoist, and metal detector.


The automatic bag packaging machine replaces manual packaging, and realizes packaging automation for large enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises. The mechanical grasping of the equipment will automatically pick up the bag, print the date, open the bag, give the measuring device signal to measure and blank, seal and output. The whole process of packaging does not require manual operations, which effectively improves your company's production efficiency, saves labor costs and management costs, and greatly reduces costs.


90.bag-feeding packaging machine


Advantages of bag packaging machine

1. The bag-type packaging machine is basically made of that kind of stainless steel. We are safer in the process of using, and it will be very hygienic. It will be easier to clean. In the process of application Basically can meet the standards of all aspects.


2. In the process of applying the equipment, there is a very obvious controller on the machine, the operation will be easier, and everything will be simpler, we can use those multi-functional digital frequency conversion methods to control the speed.


3. The automatic packaging machine can be directly combined with a lot of equipment in the process of use, and can achieve streamlined production. The packaging speed and efficiency will be higher in the process of work. To a large extent, it can better save labor.So when we use it, we should try our best to understand and consider these aspects.


4. For the application of the bag-type packaging machine, the equipment has an automated operating system. We usually have some fault alarm operations in the process of use. The operation is relatively more reliable. If there is a fault, it will also be repaired. It will be simpler. The equipment can be used in various fields to meet a variety of different edge banding requirements.



Next, we will share the knowledge of new packaging machinery such as semi automatic milk packing machine, liquid sachet filling machine and automatic liquid packaging machine. We hope it will be helpful to you. If you have any packaging machinery purchase requirements, please feel free to contact us in time.


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