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Do you know the characteristics of the packaging machine?

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The level of automation is constantly improving in the manufacturing industry, and its application scope is expanding. Automatic operation in packaging machinery industry is changing the action mode of packaging process and the processing method of packaging containers and materials. Automatic control of bag packing machine can greatly improve production efficiency and product quality, significantly eliminate the errors caused by packaging process and printing and labeling, effectively reduce the labor intensity of workers and reduce the consumption of energy and resources.



3-1-bag packing machine



1. Using PLC control system, the operation is simple.


2. The spiral disk of the filling and packing machine runs smoothly and has low noise, which will not damage the raw materials. Besides, the number or weight of packaging materials can be adjusted by pressing the buttons on the semi automatic packing machines panel. The operation mode is very convenient, and counting, positioning, weighing, etc. can also be carried out by optical fiber or ring sensor according to the characteristics of materials.


3. Each spiral disc is equipped with a stop device for full material, short material or stop device to ensure the accuracy of each bag. The automatic packing machine has self-diagnosis function, which can automatically adjust or stop after a fault occurs (the user can selects the corresponding adjustment mode according to different needs). The liquid packaging machine is equipped with multiple emergency stop buttons, which is convenient for operation.


4. The company's pouch filling machine can automatically arrange, measure, fill, pack and count materials. The number of packages can be adjusted at will, the number of bags can be controlled by itself, and the number of packages can be displayed automatically, which makes it convenient to count the workload of the machine.


5. The seal packing machine has reliable protection function (protective devices are installed in every dangerous part).


6. Each feeder in the automatic packaging machine can be opened or closed at will to meet the production needs. It adopts microcomputer control system and has Chinese and English man-machine interface, which is easy to operate, convenient to adjust and high in automation.


7. The manual packing machine is clean and sanitary, and no manual operation is needed, so it has the functions of cleanness, hygiene, material saving, bag saving, cost saving and environmental protection.


3-2-bag packing machine



Electric packing machine can be used in hardware industry, fastener industry, standard parts industry, metal stamping parts, rubber and plastic industry, electronic and electrical industry, decoration accessories, door and window accessories, furniture cabinet hardware accessories, communication equipment accessories, railway and highway equipment accessories, antenna hardware accessories, home appliance hardware accessories, sofa hardware accessories, fitness equipment accessories, bicycle accessories, auto parts, toilet bathroom hardware accessories, solar energy accessories, various electrical accessories, household electrical accessories, wardrobe kitchen and bathroom equipment accessories.

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