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Do you know what is the mixed automatic quantitative packaging of powder and granular agricultural products?

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In the era of technological progress and social development, a large number of agricultural products still use manual quantitative packaging of powder and granular agricultural products, such as agricultural products such as grain, seeds, feed, fertilizers, pesticides, and deep processing of agricultural and sideline products such as potato chips, rice crackers, bean curd, and food. The shortcomings of the manual quantitative filling machine are also obvious, including lower packaging machine costharsh working environment, slow speed, low accuracy, low production efficiency, poor economic benefits, and food and drug requirements.

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1. What is the current status of automatic quantitative packaging of powdered agricultural products? 

If you know more about the automatic weighing packing machine, you may know that the current domestic fully automatic packing machine of powder and volumetric fully automatic pouch packing machine. Both packaging methods need to be combined and combined improvement in powder and granular agricultural products.

2. What is the principle of hybrid automatic quantitative packaging?

The principle of a hybrid automatic quantitative mixer packing machine is a feeding subsystem composed of a silo, a coarse and fine feeding tube, a coarse and fine feeder, and its digital control. The weighing subsystem is composed of a weighing hopper, a feeding cylinder, a weighing sensor, and its weighing data collection. The packaging machine and its control subsystem, the main control microcomputer.

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3. In conclusion

Hybrid automatic quantitative packaging is a transformation that combines the advantages of volumetric automatic weighing and sealing machines with mixture packing machines price reasonably. Facts have also proved that this method is feasible. This packaging method is highly adaptable to powder and granular materials, hybrid automatic quantitative packaging can not only make quantitative packaging of agricultural products with uniform particle size and relatively stable bulk density but also adapt to agricultural products with uneven particle size and irregular bulk density. It improves the speed and accuracy of automatic quantification and satisfies the requirement of "balanced weighing accuracy" for large-scale quantitative packaging of enterprises. Therefore, the application of the technical achievements of hybrid automatic quantitative packaging with automated packaging equipment, can reduce the packaging loss of enterprises and increase the qualification rate of packaging. For example, for manufacturers and consumers, it has very large economic benefits and social benefits. Therefore, it has important theoretical guiding significance and application promotion value in an aspect of quantitative automated packing machines



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