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Do you know what the phthalic anhydride packaging line control system is?

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I think that everyone also understands that the phthalic anhydride material from the sheeting bag packing machine is automatically quantitatively packaged and transported to the palletizing unit to form the phthalic anhydride packaging line. There can be no failure on the packaging line. Otherwise, the entire packaging line may not be able to produce. The original packaging line control system with bag wrapping machine has many problems, such as the material of phthalic anhydride. It causes the packaging line to fail to operate normally, so we describe how to remodel the phthalic anhydride packaging line control system.

33-2-weighing and packing machine

1. What is the process flow of the phthalic anhydride packaging line?

The first thing is that you should put the phthalic anhydride material from the flaking machine into the broken arch silo and stir manually, and then enter the double screw feeder. After waiting for the packaging line control system to start, the material door opens, the double screw feeder starts feeding. At this time, the large and small screw pouch packing machines work at the same time. When the feeding reaches 24kg, the large screw plastic sealing machine stops rotating the small screw plastic packing machines continues to work. When the feed reaches 24 to 75kg, the screw packet sealing machine will stop working. At this time, the material door will automatically close. Although the material door keeps closed, the screw heat packing machine will inertially replenish 1kg of material and put it in. At this time, the operator will manually put the packaging bag into the bag clamping mechanism. After opening the door of the scale body, the phthalic anhydride enters the packaging bag through the lower hopper, and the entrainment mechanism acts the packaging bag filling with phthalic anhydride falls on the stand-up conveyor. The pouch packing machine small is small and finally enters the palletizing unit.

33-1-weighing and packing machine

2. What is the composition of the packaging line control system?

The packaging line control system includes the main control cabinet, the on-site explosion-proof control cabinet, the field instrument, the PLC-core control system, the program for the detection and control of the PLC unit, the detection element of the proximity switch and the photoelectric switch, the operation panel, the solenoid valve, and the contractor mainly. It is composed of several parts, such as control components, cylinders, and motors, and the F701 weighing controller cooperates with PLC to complete the quantitative weighing task.

3. To sum up

The transformation of the phthalic anhydride packaging line is actually to replace and upgrade the original control cabinet, PLC, inverter, field solenoid valve, proximity switch and travel switch, and other control components, and then re-lay all the lines again. A complete set of phthalic anhydride theli packing machine control systems only needs on-site instrumentation, an on-site explosion-proof control cabinet, and an indoor main control cabinet. It was improved the production efficiency of the production line with an automatic pouch sealing machine in this way, the safety is also enhanced, the maintenance difficulty is reduced.


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