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Do you want to know about the high-quality small bag packaging machine?

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The pace of life in modern society is getting faster and faster, and the demand for convenient packaging is growing. Small bags and strips are ideal packages to meet this requirement. Since 1970s, some companies have independently developed small powder filling machines. Many devices are flexibly configured to meet the needs of various users.


From two-channel to sixteen-channel, the small powder pouch packing machine completely meets GMP standard. The pulling system of packaging film is controlled by a film pulling wheel on the side of the operation surface. The sealing mold is simple and easy to disassemble and replace. Some powder filling and sealing machines can realize various customization requirements such as single bag, double bag, small bag, or special-shaped bag, easy tear and broken line. Reasonable transmission scheme can ensure smooth connection with the cartoning machine. Usually, we can provide the whole line design scheme according to the actual needs of users.



5-1-small powder filling machine

Accurate measurement is the key


After continuous improvement, our sachet machine can use different blanking systems to package all kinds of medicines and cosmetics: liquid or ointment, powder or tablet, and even products with special shapes. Package sealer machine can realize three functions: powder, granules and liquid can be integrated in the same equipment, and seamless replacement can be realized.


The liquid pump metering system can be installed on the frame and moved as required, so it can be quickly switched to another set of blanking system after one production batch is finished, so as to prepare for the next batch. The blanking system of pouch packing machine small is easy to clean, and the filling quantity can be adjusted even in the production process. Therefore, the cleaning and product switching time is short, and the operation efficiency of the small bagging machine is not affected.


The blanking and metering system of the equipment has high metering accuracy. The product eliminates the possibility of powder and liquid entrapment from the design source, and has convincing accuracy, which is very important in automatic pouch filling and sealing machine.



5-2-small powder filling machine

High cost performance


Our zipper pouch packing machine runs stably and reliably, and has the good characteristics of convenient layout. Taking LA160 as an example, it covers an area of only one square meter, and is a general-purpose poly bag packing machine with compact structure. The LA160 is an ideal entry-level solution, whether it is used for test run, new product promotion or small batch packaging.


The vertically arranged balcony workstation can be rotated 90 degrees to open, and all workstations are designed to meet GMP standards and have good accessibility. The quick locking mechanism is used to accurately install the specification mold, which ensures the convenience and rapidity of product switching. In addition, for some difficult or new packaging methods, we can also provide experimental facilities for testing.



Meet special needs


Up to now, we have developed various solutions for small pouch making machine, such as stacking small bags or not stacking small bags; Special design restricted by space; Single bag online weighing system; Bulk pouch stacks without small boxes; On-line leak detection; Box loading of special products; The scheme of opening the box at the top of the box at the side, etc.

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