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Form and Characteristics of Wheat Flour Automatic Packaging Technology

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At present, automatic wheat flour packaging technology and equipment are developing rapidly. With the development of wheat flour industry towards intensive and large-scale production mode, semi-automatic powder packaging machine will be gradually replaced by automatic powder packaging machine. This is not only the result of technological development, but also the demand of market competition. It can be predicted that in the next few years, automatic powder filling machine will be more widely used. 


30-1-washing powder packing machine


Difficulty of wheat flour automatic packaging

The moisture content of wheat flour produced by most flour mills is about 14.5%. Therefore, wheat flour particles have a large specific surface area. At the same time, wheat flour particles are mainly composed of starch, protein and minerals, so there are polar groups on the surface. This makes the wheat flour have a certain adhesiveness, can stick to the powder pouch packing machine. In addition, during the production process, wheat flour may also float in the air. This makes it impossible for the measured wheat flour to be fully packed into the packaging bag. This will lead to greater errors in the packaging process, but also make the wheat flour can not meet the measurement standard. 



Forms and Characteristics of Automatic Packaging Technology

There are mainly two kinds of wheat flour packaging technology: semi-automatic packaging technology and automatic wheat flour packaging technology. At present, the automatic wheat flour packaging technology is mainly used for small bag packaging, that is, the weight of each bag is less than 5kg. For large bag packaging, part of the packaging steps still need to be completed manually.



30-2-tea powder packing machine

Key Technology of Wheat Flour Automatic Packaging

Compared with the semi-automatic powder filling machine, the automatic powder packing equipment can automatically complete the operation of bag taking and bag filling. Because of this, the structure of full-automatic packaging machine is more complex, and its technical difficulty is also greater. 


At present, the industrial powder packaging machine can measure the product accurately and quickly, and take out the packaging bag quickly and smoothly. But the machine control system, controller, sensor sensitivity, equipment reliability and other issues still need to be optimized. And researchers are trying to solve these problems. At present, some advanced powder packaging machine manufacturers have made some progress in these aspects, but these problems need to be further studied.


30-3-detergent powder packing machine

With the continuous improvement of wheat flour processing capacity and the increasingly fierce competition in the industry, the research and development of wheat flour packaging technology will continue to accelerate. Because the cost of paper packaging bags is higher than that of non-woven bags and plastic woven bags, wheat flour processing enterprises with low profit margins are more willing to choose the latter. Therefore, it is necessary to speed up the research and development of automatic wheat flour packing machine for non-woven fabric bags and coated woven bags. In the process of research and development, sensors, controllers and other key components are the key objects. These components can help wheat processing enterprises develop towards integration, scale and efficiency.

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