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How Do Liquid Pouch Packing Machines Work?

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Packaging pouch has brought convenience to the life of consumers. It is widely used in packaging liquid food such as milk, soup and sauce. In industry, people use liquid packing machine to pack liquid products. So, how does the liquid pouch packing machine work?



21-2-liquid packing machine

Pouch Loading

Before starting the automatic liquid packing machine, operators need to manually put the pouches into the bag magazine of the liquid packaging equipment. In this process, operators need to be careful to avoid injury. After that, the packaging pouches will be sent into the interior of the liquid filling and sealing machine by a feeding roller. 



Pouch Gripping

Sensors are installed inside the liquid paste filling machine. When the pouch is detected by the sensor, it will be grasped with vacuum suction pads and lifted to a set of bag grippers.



Printing or Embossing

If you need to print the production date, shelf life and batch number on the product packaging, you can equip the printing equipment or embossing equipment on the liquid pouch filling machine. 


22-1-paste filling machine


Pouch Opening

At this step, the vacuum suction pads grasp the outside of the packaging pouch and gently opens it. If the packaging pouch is fitted with a zipper, the vacuum suction pads will grasp the pouch, and then the opening jaws will catch the top side of the pouch and open it. In both cases, the pouch packing machine will inject clean air into the pouch to ensure that the pouch can be fully opened.


In this process, sensors inside the milk pouch packing machine will also detect whether the pouches are askew or missing. If the above situation occurs, the product filling procedure will not be implemented to avoid product waste.



Product Filling

The liquid product will be filled into the packaging pouch through the liquid piston filler. The specification of the liquid piston filler depends on the characteristics and viscosity of the liquid product. In general, the liquid piston filler can handle most of the liquid products, whether it is water or thick sauce with solid particles.

Sealing and Deflating

Before the packaging pouch is sealed, the wire deflator components in the automatic packaging machine will completely squeeze out the excess air in the pouch. In order to ensure that the packaging pouch can be sealed correctly, two sealing stations are usually required. The first sealing station is equipped with a pair of heat seal bars, which can be used to close the sealing area on the top of the packaging pouch, so that the two sides of the opening are bonded together to form a closed seam.


In addition to the heat seal bars, ultrasonic waves can also be used to seal packaging pouches. Ultrasound can induce molecular friction, and this friction can generate heat between the film layers, which plays the role of sealing the packaging pouches. The price of ultrasonic sealing equipment is higher than that of heat sealing equipment, but it can seal pouches more efficiently.



Seal Cooling and Discharge

In order to make the seam more firm and flat, a cooling bar is needed to cool the seal. This cooling bar can also add serrations to the seam if desired. After that, the finished liquid packaging pouch will be unloaded to a conveyor belt and moved to the carton packers or other equipment along with the conveyor belt. 

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