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How Do Liquid Pouch Packing and Sealing Machines Work?

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Liquid pouch packing and sealing machine is becoming more and more popular. This kind of machine has the advantages of simple structure and convenient operation, and has been widely used in the field of liquid product packing. 


24-1-liquid packaging equipment


Bag Loading

The operator needs to manually put the packaging pouch into the bag magazine of the liquid pouch filling machine. These bags will be transported to the machine by the conveyor roller. 



Bag Gripping

A sensor is installed inside the automatic liquid pouch packing machine. When the empty packaging pouch moves to the inside of the machine with the conveyor belt and is detected by the sensor, the bag gripper inside the quantitative liquid filling machine will hold the bag. The maximum load of bag gripper is 10kg. For heavier pouches, a continuous bag support can be added.



Bag Printing and Embossing

Some liquid paste filling machines also have built-in thermal printers or ink-jet printers, which are used to print basic information about products on the packaging bags, such as production batch number, production date, etc. 




In this section, the liquid detergent filling machine will fill the bags with products. For powdered products, auger fillers are usually used to fill them into packaging pouches. For liquid products, nozzles are usually used to fill them into pouches. In addition, the filling device can accurately measure the weight of the product. Common filling methods can be divided into gas flushing and dust collection.


Gas Flushing

This is an improved atmosphere packaging process, which can fill a mass of inert gas into the packaging pouch to replace the original oxygen in the packaging pouch. Nitrogen is usually used to replace the oxygen in the bags. This process needs to be completed before the product is filled into the packaging pouch, and the whole process will be completed in an instant to ensure that the oxygen in the packaging pouch can be replaced as much as possible.


Dust Collection

For dusty or messy products, it is usually necessary to set a dust hood on the top of the filling device to collect product particles in the air.



24-2-liquid sachet filling machine

Bag Sealing

After the product is filled into the packaging pouch, the packaging pouch needs to be sealed in time to avoid the product being polluted. Before sealing the packaging pouch, the excess air in the packaging pouch will be discharged by the venting parts in the efficient liquid packing machine. The sealing device inside the automatic liquid pouch sealing machine seals the packaging pouches by heating. Because the two sides of packaging pouch will melt and stick together after being heated, so as to play the role of sealing.




After the pouches are sealed, they go into the cooling station. During this process, the pouches will pass through the cooling rod. After that, the pouches will be transported along with the conveyor belt to the check weighers, X-ray machines, carton packing equipment and other downline equipment. 


To sum up, liquid packaging machine has the advantages of high degree of automation and high production efficiency, so it is widely used in medicine, food and other industries. In addition, the industrial liquid packaging machine can also prevent the product from being polluted by bacteria and dust in the packaging process. 

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