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How To Carry Out Daily Maintain On The Packing Machine?

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Packaging machinery maintenance of several keys: cleaning, fastening, adjustment, lubrication, anti-corrosion. In the normal production process, each machine maintenance personnel should do, according to the maintenance manual and maintenance procedures of machine packaging equipment, strictly implement the maintenance work within the specified period, reduce the wear rate of parts, eliminate the hidden trouble, and extend the service life of the machine.


Different types of packaging machines have different maintenance methods Food packing machines need regular lubrication, regular inspection, and regular cleaning. The oil packing machine is mainly to be put in a dry place. Liquid packaging machine in the production process, timely removes liquid or glass debris. The machine surface should be cleaned once before the shift, and clean lubricating oil should be added to each activity department. Finally, should scrub once a week, especially in the usual use is not easy to clean the place to wipe or blow with compressed air. Bag packing machine in every 3-5 months, wearing parts (such as rubber, high-temperature cloth, sealing knife, etc.) may have local damage, so shall reserve the right amount of wearing parts and regular maintenance.


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Maintenance is divided into routine maintenance, regular maintenance. In addition, you can also divide them into first-level maintenance, second-level maintenance, and third-level maintenance. Moreover, the special maintenance can also be divided into seasonal maintenance and out-of-service maintenance.


Routine maintenance for the center of capsule filling equipment with cleaning, lubrication, check and tighten after machine such as second-hand liquid filling machine works and normal work of filling machines like hand wash filling machine are required for routine maintenance.


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Level maintenance work is based on routine maintenance. The key work content is to lubricate, tighten and check the related parts of filling machines like the mustard oil filling machine. Maintenance work should be with an emphasis on the check and adjustment. Specifically to check the engine of a fully automatic capsule filling machine, clutch, transmission components, steering, and braking components. Then, the maintenance should focus on testing, adjusting, eliminating the problems, and balancing the degree of parts of the rota filling machine. It is of great significance to diagnose and test the parts that affect the performance of the packing equipment and the parts that show signs of failure and then complete the necessary replacement, adjustment, and troubleshooting.


Change garments according to the maintenance is refers to the packaging equipment every year summer and before winter should focus on the combustion embellish system, hydraulic system, cooling system, and starting system components such as testing and repair. Outage maintenance refers to the packaging equipment), such as the winter because of seasonal factors such as the need to stop for a while should be done when cleaning, cosmetic, form a complete set, anti-corrosion, etc.


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