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How To Choose Coffee Bean Packaging Machine?

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Coffee packaging can prolong the freshness period of coffee, it can be said that it directly affects the flavor of the coffee. When customers hear about a brand, they picture its packaging in their minds. Beautiful design is crucial for coffee packaging, but here are six important things roasters need to consider when choosing the best coffee packaging.


There are many types of bag packing machines which can be divided into four common types. We will illustrate them clearly as follows.



98 coffee bean 1

At first, the Doypack is a kind of packing machine that is round at the bottom and flat at the top. No matter which shelf it is placed on, it can stand naturally and smoothly. A stand-up bag usually contains a seal strip just like a powder bagging machine.


Then, the side fold bag is a more traditional filling and packing machine, which is affordable and easy to use. Side folding bags don't stand as firmly, but they are firmer. They are folded down from the top of the bag and secured with labels or tin bars.


The Quadro square seal bag is similar to the side folding bag like a pouch packing machine. The difference is that the four corners of the square sealing bag are sealed and the appearance is square. It can also be installed with sealing strips.


The packing bag of the plastic bag sealing machine needs to be sealed to ensure the freshness of the coffee beans. The sealing effect can be known by observing whether the packing bag is installed with a one-way air inlet valve. Coffee is very sensitive to outside influences so you need to put a barrier around the bag. This will help protect you from oxygen, ultraviolet light, and other factors.


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Many roasters choose to pack their beans by hand or semi-automatically, and the design of coffee bags can be effective in speeding up or slowing down the packaging process. If you choose a hand-packed stand bag, you should make sure the opening is wide enough for easy access. Also, you need to check if the bag is easy to open, take the beans, or put your hands in. 


Boxes or square bags may have two corners and one sealing strip at the top or four corners at the top but one sealing strip at the side and need to be checked for confirmation before submission. In addition, if you are considering purchasing a fully automatic packaging machine, you should know the type of packaging supported by the machine such as a tea bag packing machine. Most machines today support both packaging types.


While bags of coffee quickly lose their flavor when opened, users need to know that it is best to exhaust the air inside before pulling the seal. Bags without seals, on the other hand, are suitable for small, homogeneous items, which means they are more suitable for retail use or home use with less consumption.


Every company needs to differentiate itself from its competitors and packaging is one of the easiest ways to do that. Therefore, your filling machine needs to establish its style. You can choose from different colors of paint, metal or neon, integrated seals, one-way intake valves, or even unique measuring print patterns. You can also focus on consumer convenience, such as laser perforations to open bags easily. And you have to be creative.


The specialty coffee industry likes their label, and it is right to do so. You'll need a good label that tells you where the coffee came from, how it was prepared, the date it was roasted, and more about the beans. As there are a large number of coffee packaging machines, consumers should be careful and patient enough to select this kind of machine.


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