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How To Choose Solid Filling And Packaging Machines?

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As we all know, food is very important for human beings. China has a large population and rice is one of the essential staple food. In recent years, the number of enterprises for China's rice industry is growing, which effectively meets the market demand for rice. Indeed, with the upgrading of consumption, rice with a small package is more and more popular in the market.


At present, rice consumption is still dominated, accounting for more than 37%. In addition, the rice in the market is sold in bulk, in bags, as well as in canned packaging. Among them, rice with a small package is more and more favored by consumers, especially the rice packed in vacuum bags and in cans.


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Generally speaking, the rice sale in bulk can meet the needs of different consumers. However, it is easy to be polluted when the rice is stacked arbitrarily. Whats more, with the improvement of living standards, people have higher requirements for the quality of rice. Thus, the packing machines such as a dry food packing machine are very crucial.


Because the rice with a small package is using the vacuum bags which are common in industrial vacuum packaging machine and cans, it can not only avoid the product from external pollution but also easy to store. At the same time, the amount of rice is small so there is no need to worry about deterioration, mildew, or unnecessary waste caused by storing for a long time.


To be frank, canned rice weighs 300g so that each can is able to just cook three bowls of rice, which is convenient and safe for most families. Moreover, with the rapid development of e-commerce, online shopping has become more and more popular so the online purchase of rice is also sought after. Compared with bulk rice, rice with a small package from heat sealers for food packaging is easier to transport so as to better ensure the quality and safety of rice. Of course, rice with a small package is exquisite and tends to be more gift-oriented and high-end, which further fits in with the current consumption upgrading market.


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As the rice with a small package is using vacuum packaging technology such as a vacuum machine for food packaging, the air in the rice bag will be pumped out, after reaching the predetermined state, workers will seal it or fill it with nitrogen or mixed gas. According to professional employees, rice with a small package is mostly packed with solid filling and packaging machines, which can balance the internal and external pressure. And air can not gradually penetrate into the bag through the micropores of the bag, which not only can anti-oxidate and be moisture-proof but also greatly extends the preservation period of rice.


More importantly, due to the obvious advantages of oxygen resistance and compression resistance, the packing machine for food products can effectively maintain the original color, aroma, taste, and nutritional components of rice for a long time, and ensure the quality of rice.


Like vacuum packing machines, rice can be stored in low oxygen conditions and in nitrogen cans, which can immediately keep fresh, prevent the rice from oxidation, and ensure nutrition and taste. Moreover, the rice can be filled automatically, continuously, and rapidly by a packing machine, which can reduce the pollution caused by manual packaging.


In addition, the rice filling machine uses non-toxic and durable composite materials, and the electrical and pneumatic systems of automatic packing machines use imported components so the equipment is more efficient, stable, and reliable.

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