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How To Classify And Apply To Filling Machine?

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A filling machine is a product under the packing machine. The different filling machine has different functions and the application of production industry is also different. When choosing a filling machine, enterprises need to purchase suitable filling machines according to their own production needs.


Only a suitable filling machine can improve production efficiency and meet the market supply and demand. We will explain the classification and application of the packing machine industry in the following article. 

97 classification 1

Oil filling machine

As the name suggests, it is a filling machine such as a water filling machine specially developed for the oil industry to improve production efficiency and avoid artificial contact with edible oil as far as possible so as to reduce the pollution of liquid material. If it is liquid oil, an ordinary artesian filling should be used. If it is solid lubricating oil, piston pump filling such as powder filling machine should be used. If the filling accuracy is high, metering filling or weighing filling can be matched. The application industry of this kind of filling machines includes industrial oil, edible oil like soybean oil, peanut oil, olive oil, etc.

Paste filling machine

Paste filling machine is mostly used for plaster or cream and other kinds of viscosity products. Examples: cough syrup, honey, lotion, face cream. It is usually filled with piston pumps. The application industry includes daily chemicals like toothpaste, medicine, and food.

Sauce filling machine

Paste filling machine is suitable for chili sauce, bean sauce, peanut butter, sesame sauce, jam, butter hot pot bottom, red oil hot pot bottom, and other condiments with granule and concentration of thick sauce filling. The application industry includes all kinds of food.


97 classification 3

Granule, powder filling machine


Granule filling machine or powder filling machine like powder sachet packing machine is suitable for nuts, medicine, candy, flour, and other materials filling. If it needs high filling accuracy, enterprises should choose carefully. The powder can also be matched with a multi-head scale or spiral measurement. Food, medicine, and other industries can be applied to these machines.


Liquid filling machine derivative


In addition to the above-mentioned filling machine, filling machine can also derive a lot of filling machine types, such as some materials that can be filled under normal pressure environment, but for some more sensitive to humidity or temperature, materials are generally the use of vacuum or high pressure filling machine equipment. And just like our carbon dioxide fire extinguisher or household commonly used the aerosol spray, it is necessary to use high pressure or pressure filling machine.


Atmospheric pressure filling machine refers to the filling of canned materials by their weight under atmospheric pressure. Almost all automatic labeling machines are controlled by PLC, filling machines according to the set speed, continuous filling. Pharmaceutical, daily chemical, food, pesticide, and other industries are suitable for these machines.


Vacuum filling machine refers to the filling bottle pressure lower than the atmosphere of the environment filling. It can also be divided into two kinds: differential pressure vacuum filling, that is, the inside of the cylinder is under normal pressure, and only the filling bottle is pumped to form a vacuum, and the filling material is completed by the flow generated by the pressure difference between the cylinder and the filling bottle. Gravity vacuum filling, the liquid cylinder is in a vacuum, the filling bottle draws out the gas to form a vacuum environment equal to the liquid cylinder, and then the filling material flows into the filling bottle depending on its weight.


The filling machine has a wide range of applications, suitable for liquid materials with high viscosity, such as oil, syrup, vegetable juice, which can also be used for toxic liquid materials such as pesticides. And vacuum can reduce the spread of toxicity to ensure the health of employees.

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