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How To Deal With Dysfunction Of Weighing And Packaging Machines(2)?

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First of all, when you come across the inaccurate weighing of linear weigher packing machine, you should pay much attention to it. The poor contact of the wire connector will result in the fluctuation of the weighing sensor signal and the instability of the weighing packing machine. The workers should check and clean the circuit regularly.


The opening degree of the feeding door of fine powder filling machine is too large so that the impact force is too strong. When it is beyond the target value, it will be hard to control the small feeding process. They can reduce the opening of the feeding door and adjust it to a proper position so as to avoid that situation.


The feeding door of the automatic weighing filling machine is loose and the control of the small feeding process is not good, which will lead to the weighing fluctuation. The cleaning door should be checked frequently and on a regular basis. The set value of large feeding ahead of time is small, and small feeding operation does not work. The parameters of large feeding operations should be reset in a wider range.


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If the air cylinder of sack filling machine doesn't work, we should first judge whether it is a disorder of the control part, solenoid valve, or cylinder. For example, if you are going to check whether the solenoid valve gets the execution command so as to judge whether the controller has an output command, you should be careful enough to observe all the parts. If the expected thing does not happen, it can be judged as the control terminals fault and we should check the controller of powder sachet filling machine. If the solenoid valve gets the execution order, you should check whether the solenoid valve is charged or not. If not, it is determined that the solenoid valve is faulty. Finally, you can press the manual button of the solenoid valve to see if the cylinder can be pushed. If it can't move, it must be the failure of a mechanical card or air source.


The main reason why the company's air cylinder doesn't work is the failure of a solenoid valve. The solenoid valve of the multi function automatic weighing filling machine is jammed due to the moisture and impurities in the compressed air. Finally, the air filter purifier is added to the main air source to solve the problem of the solenoid valve jammed and increase the service life of the solenoid valve.


When the sackholder of the packing weight machine does not move or cannot be closed, you should replace the switch of sackholders. If the switch cant be connected or cant be disconnected after being connected, the bag clamping switch of automatic bagging and sealing machine shall be replaced. Therefore, there is a simple method for you. You can just replace anything that is getting wrong.


If the bag of powder bagging machines is not tight or the air source pressure is insufficient, operators should check whether the pressure of the main air source is insufficient, and they should check whether the air pipe is broken or not. If the air pipe is broken, they have to replace the air pipe. If the bag cylinder of automatic packing and sealing machine or solenoid valve fails, they have to clean the cylinder or replace the cylinder and solenoid valve.


To sum up, the operation quality of automatic bag weighing and filling machine is not only related to the quality of the product itself but also related to whether the maintenance personnel accurately judge the fault location. Personnel for maintenance has to be able to accurately and timely find and solve problems, which can effectively improve the production capacity and economic benefits of enterprises.

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