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How To Remove Gas In Packaging Bag When Using Food Packaging Machinery?

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Food packaging machine provides convenience for the improvement of food packaging. By selecting packaging materials with gas isolation function to package food, air-conditioned packaging will fill a certain share of O2+CO2+N2, N2+CO2, O2+CO2 mixture into the packaging according to the practical needs of customers, to extend the shelf life of food and improve the value of food.


We all know that with vacuum pack machines, food packaging will have a great guarantee in the future. All kinds of packaging skills continue to appear in the modern market. The application of high technology is to provide a perfect talent foundation for the perfection of food packaging. In many packaging skills, each has its own skills advantage, and today this kind of packaging skill used in food packaging machines is a kind of air conditioning packaging skill.


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When a food packing machine is used, air-conditioned packaging as a food packaging skill has a long history. As early as the 1930s, Europe and America have begun to study the use of CO2 gas to preserve meat products. In the 1950s, N2 and CO2 gas were developed to replace the air of canned beef and cheese cans, which extended the shelf life. In the 1960s, due to the development of various air-tight plastic packaging materials, many foods such as meat food, fruits, vegetables, cakes, tea, and dairy products have successfully selected gas replacement packaging skills. In the 1970s, inflatable packaging with the help of packaging equipment for fresh meat was widely used in Europe and the United States. Since then, air-conditioned packaging such as packing machine for food products has been developed vigorously all over the world. It can be said that air conditioning packaging skills are very sophisticated in the use of food packaging machines and portable sealing machines. It is very common in the modern food packaging profession.


The air-conditioned fresh-keeping packaging like bag packing machine is also popular abroad. According to customers' practical needs, a certain amount of mixed gases are filled into the ibc filling equipment to avoid or slow down the quality decline in physical, chemical, and biological aspects of food, thus extending the shelf life of food and improving food value.


There are three common applications of air-conditioned packaging including the application of CO2 in food packaging, nitrogen application in food packaging, and composite air-conditioned packaging.


China has successfully studied the use of nanotechnology, highly efficient catalytic CO2 composition of degradable plastics. As an environmental protection material with excellent degradability, it has a broad application prospect.


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Nitrogen (N2) is an ideal inert gas. It has special effects on food packaging. It does not react with food and is not absorbed by food. It can reduce the oxygen content in the packaging, greatly inhibit the growth and reproduction of bacteria, molds, and other microorganisms, slow down the oxidation and decay of food to keep food fresh just like coffee packaging equipment. Nitrogen-filled packaging food can also avoid food kneading and crushing, food sticking or shrinking into a ball, adhere to the food's many advantages such as shape, dryness, crispness, color, and fragrance. There are many types of food packing equipment.  Now nitrogen-filled packaging is rapidly replacing the traditional vacuum packaging and has been used in fried potato chips and chips, cooking food with oil, and so on. It is loved by consumers, especially children, and young people. Now nitrogen packing machine is widely used in our daily life. Nitrogen-filled packaging is expected to be used in more food packaging.


Composite air-conditioned fresh-keeping packaging is collectively known as MAP packaging internationally. The air-conditioned fresh-keeping gas used is generally composed of CO2, N2, O2, and a few special gases. CO2 can restrain the growth and reproduction of most aerobic erosion bacteria and mold; O2 inhibits the growth and reproduction of most anaerobic erosive bacteria; Stick to the color of fresh meat, maintain the oxygen-rich breathing and freshness of fresh fruits and vegetables; N2 is used as filling gas. According to food types, storage requirements, and packaging materials, the compound gas composition ratio can be properly selected to achieve the effect of high-quality packaging food preservation, good nutrition composition, true to the original properties, and delay the shelf life of fresh packaging food. The compound air-conditioned fresh-keeping package has been widely used at home and abroad.



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