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How To Repair Bag Packaging Machines?

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There is no doubt that professional technicians will teach workers to go through common packaging machine maintenance problems


How do workers maintain the bag opening filter on the bag packing machine? In most cases, a rotary small bag packing machine has different stations that perform specific packaging functions. It has the functions of the bag opening, product bag filling, and sealing.


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Workers need to know the machine component that affects the entire packaging process of bagging and sealing machines. The dispensing station uses a vacuum suction device just like a vacuum bag packing machine to grab both sides of the pouch and pull it apart. This will allow the dispensing station to come in contact with your pouch and fill the product. If your bag does not open, the small bagging machine will not release the product to fill the bag. There are many reasons why the bag did not open, one of which is that the filter of the vacuum sucker is dirty.


Do you know how do dirty filters affect bag opening stations? Use a vacuum suction cup to grab and open the bag before filling the bag at the opening station of the automatic bag filling machine. To do this, a vacuum suction cup must be used. If the filter inside the vacuum unit is dirty, you will not get enough vacuum suction in your bag opening station. This will cause machine failure. This results in empty bags, reduced throughput, and unplanned outages.


So what can you do to prevent machine failure from dirty vacuum unit filters at bag opening stations? You need to clean and install bag station filters and watch the video above for an in-depth visual demonstration of how to change the bag open-station filter. You need to clean the filter by blowing compressed air inside the filter and pull back the black part of the filter to make sure the interior is clean.


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Do you know how often should you clean the filter? As part of your routine preventative maintenance program, you should clean the bag mouth filter of the manual bag filling machine at least weekly. The time interval can change depending on your product and the factory environment. For example, if you have a particularly dirty powder product, your filter may need to be cleaned frequently.


This is a common mistake, and it's easy to fix. You should remove the entire filter again and make sure the ports are aligned correctly. The top port should be open and the bottom two ports must be closed. Any other configuration of the port will result in a loss of vacuum suction.


If the ports are lined up correctly and you still have no vacuum suckers, you may have a broken bag sucker or something more serious.


If you need help with your automatic bag weighing and filling machine maintenance plan, you can ask someone for help. Preventive maintenance of your bag packing machine is key to its efficiency and longevity. Workers should clean the filling machines on a regular basis.

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