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How To Solve Problems Of Pellet Packaging Machine Spilling?

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Reasonable selection of packaging equipment is the key to ensure the high quality of products. How to choose flexible packaging equipment with high quality, high yield, and wide versatility has always been one of the focuses of the food, medicine, and chemical industry.


Many filling and packaging machine manufacturers think highly of their products quality and the needs of customers. However, as there are a lot of factors that need to be considered, there are a number of requirements of packing machines that can not be satisfactory.

As for its reason, we will introduce it to you in the following passage. First of all, the powder type of product particle is fine. In the packaging process, the powder back flapping phenomenon is very common. This phenomenon will contribute to the loose sealing of the package and will pollute the working environment to a certain extent. Because the vertical packaging equipment is feeding vertically, the distance between the feeding mouth and the bottom of the bag is a bit large.


If the powder is raised, it will pollute the seal so that the seal of an automatic packing machine can not be sealed. As a result, the quality of products is often affected greatly. A horizontal automatic capsule filling machine adopts the filling method before feeding. In most cases, the feeding mouth can be directly into the bottom of the bag feeding so as to avoid dust raised. If the powder particles are very fine and easy to be raised, a suction device can be added to the upper seal to absorb a little powder adsorbed by the bag's mouth. In addition, the horizontal automatic packaging machine adopts five horizontal seals to strengthen the sealing. This design can completely solve the phenomenon mentioned above.


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Secondly, in the production of mixed materials, bag filling machine manufacturers often encounter such a problem. Generally speaking, each brand of soup has its unique formula and the formula proportion is correct or not determines the taste of the pure and consistent. Because the vertical automatic bag filling machine can not increase the station on the equipment, the material must be mixed before the filling. Hence, the actual production is often due to the materials or the uneven transmission process, resulting in the actual product mixing proportion and formula proportion does not match.


The horizontal used filling equipment, because of its characteristics of the horizontal bag, can meet the requirements of manufacturers to increase the station. And in theory, the horizontal aseptic filling equipment can be an unlimited increase of the station. In the process of bag moving, different materials can be loaded into each bag one by one through different feeding devices to ensure the accuracy of the formula. To be frank, horizontal sterile filling equipment in discharging devices is really helpful and does workers a great favor.


Referring to the horizontal automatic double bag packaging machine, we can also find that the material compatibility of the horizontal automatic packaging equipment is very strong. When packing materials with different characteristics, the machine can choose the corresponding cutting device to ensure the precision of packing measurement. For manufacturers, it is important for them to choose suitable product packaging equipment so as to improve the quality of products, reduce cost loss, improve the market competitiveness of products at the same time in saving production costs and other aspects.

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