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How does COVID-19 affect the packaging industry?

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Due to the COVID-19 health crisis, the packaging industry ushered in its changes in 2020. In order to grasp the changes in bag packing machine market in time, as a professional bag packing machine manufacturer, we have organized a special research team to study the impact of COVID-19 on the packaging industry. Our experts recently shared the general trends they have seen in the packaging industry as a result of the health crisis. Some of the changes were so unexpected.


In the context of COVID-19, consumers are more worried about food health. So in the food and beverage packaging industry, there was an explosion of demand for environmentally friendly food bag packaging machines overnight. This poses unique challenges for those working in the CPG industry. Read on to learn more about the impact COVID-19 is having on the packaging industry.



69-professional bag packing machine manufacturer

Demand for coffee packaging machines increases

The Perfect Daily Grind reports that "as Covid-19 spreads around the world, online sales and coffee subscription services are seeing an explosion in demand in the early months of 2020. This may be because people are enjoying spending more time with their families as Covid-19 arrives. And during home isolation, they want to enjoy life too. With the love for artisanal coffee, the demand for coffee packaging machines is also increasing.


The online coffee market is highly competitive, coffee roasters and suppliers are quickly realizing that they need to set themselves apart from the competition. What does this mean for the packaging industry? Because consumer demand for their products increases overnight, coffee roasters look to automated coffee packaging equipment to increase production and efficiency. In fact, there are many established coffee customers who have invested in additional specialty coffee packaging equipment. They use efficient coffee packaging machine to ship coffee all over the world. Similarly, in the East, the demand for tea packaging machines is also increasing.


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Demand for pouch packing machines increases

Coffee isn't the only thing consumers are stocking up on. E-commerce marijuana sales have also seen an increase during the health crisis. This may be because people who have been stuck at home for a long time are getting bored and want to seek excitement. Rather than frequenting retail stores, cannabis users are consuming more at a time for safety and scheduling reasons. What does this mean for the packaging industry?


With the growth of e-commerce and massive hoarding by consumers, growers and contract packers have been forced to quickly adapt their packaging to meet this emerging trend. Contract packers will be asked to provide more pouch packing machines to meet the needs of cannabis sellers. The increase in automated packaging machines reflects the boom in the cannabis industry in the context of COVID-19.


Demand for plastic bag sealing machines increases

In the face of COVID-19-related restrictions, pet food sales are accelerating faster than ever as owners stock up. The pet food industry reports that the segments with the most growth are dry pet food, and wet pet food packaged in trays and cups. The increased and erratic demand for pet food means that there is a growing need for packaging solutions. This means that the demand for plastic bag sealing machines is increasing.


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