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How does an automatic packing machine work?

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Automated packaging machine is widely used in food, chemical, medicine, light industry and other industries. Now it is mainly used in instant noodles, moon cakes, ice cream, chocolate, egg yolk, pie, egg roll, bread, sausage, frozen food, medicine and other solid shape goods packaging. Though fully automatic packing machine price is higher than semi automatic packing machine, it has some advantages that traditional packaging machine doesn’t has.



80-1-automated packaging machine

Firstly, the use of automatic pouch packing machine greatly improves the efficiency. Packing by hands is inefficient and easy to waste the material. Using fully automatic packing machine instead of manual packing can complete the whole production process of feeding, measuring, bagging, printing, date and product output efficiently.



Secondly, the fully automatic pouch packing machine is more safe and hygienic. Packing by hands is difficult to avoid the contact between human and the products. Automatic filling and sealing machine can ensure that there is no manual participation in the whole process of production, which reduce bacterial contamination in the packaging process and provide a good guarantee for the enterprise reputation.



The advantages of automatic packing machine are closely related to its working principle. Automatic bag packing machine is a complex mechanical control device with multiple control points and multiple transmission. The whole working process of the packing machine is as follows.



80-2-automatic pouch packing machine

First of all, when the main motor is started, the main motor drives the related mechanical transmission device on the equipment to run, and the printing motor starts to work, while other electrical appliances are also in operation.



Secondly, when the bag run into the cutter part after inking and drying, the main cutter cut it to the required bag length, and then began to enter the sealing part, which requires the main motor’s speed to match the printing motor speed before, so as not to make the bag fold.



Finally, when the packaging bag enters the sealing part, it should be heated by gluing. And the label will be stuck at the bottom of the bag. The automatic packing machine will go into next step after sticking the label. The packaging bag will be conveyed by the conveyor belt. The quantity of the bags is controlled by the solenoid valve and then the bags will be sent out in the required quantity.



Automatic packaging machine is in a period of upward. The rapid trend of packaging machine market is expected to come earlier, which is also the embodiment of commodity and economic development. Understanding how an automatic packing machine works can help you take advantage of it. This article may help you to use the automatic packaging machine correctly.

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