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How to Combat Dust in Powder Packaging Process?

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In daily life, we can see all kinds of powder products, such as coffee, washing powder, protein powder, etc. When packaging these products, we need to use powder packaging machine. During the packaging process, the powder may be suspended in the air. In order to eliminate negative effects such as product loss, some measures need to be taken to combat the dust in the packaging process. 



28-1-powder pouch packing machine

Enclosed Jaw Drives

When packaging powder products, it is very important to protect the moving parts of the driving sealing jaws from the powder in the air. Powder pouch packaging machine is often installed with a completely enclosed jaw drive, the enclosure of the jaw drive can prevent the dust in the air from affecting its operation. 



Dust Proof Enclosures

The electrical parts and pneumatic parts of the powder filling and sealing machine must be wrapped by a closed shell to keep them in normal operation. When purchasing a automatic powder packing machine, you need to check the IP level of the machine. IP level is generally composed of two numbers, which represents the dust-proof performance and waterproof performance of the shell.



28-2-powder packing machine

Dust Suction Equipment

Dust getting into the machine is not the only thing you need to worry about. In addition, dust will float into the sealant, resulting in the deterioration of the sealing quality of the packaging bag. If the sealing of the packaging bag is affected, the product may be scrapped. In order to solve this problem, the operator can use the dust suction equipment to remove the dust in the air when the masala powder packing machine is running, so as to reduce the possibility of dust floating into the sealant. 



Static Elimination Bars

When the packaging bag is transported, static electricity will be generated on its surface, which will lead to dust adsorption on the packaging bag. In order to solve this problem, static elimination bars can be installed on the small powder packing machine. 



Dust Hoods

Installing dust hoods on the top of powder packaging and sealing machine is also an effective way to eliminate dust. These dust will be adsorbed on the dust hood, so as to avoid the impact on the powder bag filling machine. 



28-3-powder filling machine

Continuous Motion Powder Packaging

The automatic spices packing machine can run continuously or intermittently. On an intermittent motion machine, the packaging pouch stops once per cycle to be sealed. The constant motion of the packaging pouch on continuous motion machines creates a constant downward flow of air. This causes dust to enter the packaging pouch with the air.



Proper Machine Maintenance

In addition to the above measures, the proper maintenance of milk powder packaging machine can also reduce the impact of dust in the air on equipment operation. When maintaining the milk powder packaging equipment, check whether there is residual dust on the parts. If the parts are covered with dust, they need to be cleaned immediately. 


In order to reduce the impact of dust on production efficiency, necessary dust removal measures should be taken. The above measures can reduce the impact of dust on production and extend the service life of the equipment.  


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