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How to Develop Liquid Packaging Machine?

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Liquid packaging is one of the main links in many industrial production processes. With the continuous improvement of industrial modernization, liquid packing industry is developing rapidly in the direction of high precision, high speed, high reliability and high labor productivity. In order to meet the needs of the users, we need to develop a high degree of automation, high efficiency liquid packing machine. 



22-1-paste filling machine

Working principle of liquid packing machine

The liquid pouch packing machine is mainly composed of frame, feeding part, bag closing part, bag hanging part, weighing part and jacking system.


Bag Closing Part

The operator needs to put the packaging bag on the bag closing part, and then press the switch, and the automatic liquid sealing machine will close the packaging bag. The weighing part of the liquid sachet filling machine is composed of a floating platform, which is placed on the load cell to realize the weighing function. 


Chain-plate Machines

Liquid product packing machine usually contains two chain-plate machines, one is the inner chain-plate machine, the other is the outer conveying chain-plate machine. The main function of the inner chain-plate machine is to transport empty packaging bags, while the main function of the outer chain-plate machine is to transport packaging bags containing liquid products. The two chain-plate machines can run at the same time, so that the working efficiency of the liquid packaging machine can be greatly improved.


Jacking System

Slide rails are arranged on the upper frame and the lower frame of the industrial liquid packing machine. The lifting arm and the main hinge shaft are connected together by bearings. The two ends of the lifting arm are respectively equipped with a pulley, so that the lifting arm can move in the sliding rail. The column of the slide rail is fixed in the center of both sides of the lower frame, and there are four pulleys and one guide rail on both sides of the column. The lower end of the main hinge shaft is connected with two air bags. When the air bags are filled with gas, the main hinge shaft will rise with the tracks on both sides of the column, thus driving the lifting arm to rise in the predetermined track. Otherwise, the lift arm will descend.


22-2-liquid packaging machine

The jacking system adopts pneumatic transmission instead of hydraulic transmission, which can reduce the cost of equipment and help workers to manage and control the quantitative liquid packing machine. The lifting arm of the jacking system can make the actual lifting stroke of the jacking system double the stroke of the air bag, which makes the structure of the equipment simpler. 


Electronic Control System

The electronic control system consists of I/O interface, solenoid valve, cylinder, travel switch, etc. Solenoid valve and cylinder are the essential executive components of smart liquid packing machine. In order to improve the reliability of the machine, it is recommended to choose high-quality solenoid valve and cylinder. In addition, the liquid pouch filling machine is also equipped with PLC controller, which is convenient for workers to operate the liquid packing machine.


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