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How to Improve the Feeding System of Filling and Packing Machine?

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The filling and packing machine is mainly composed of feeding system, metering system, conveying system and frame. Liquid filling and packaging machine is a kind of industrial equipment with many functions, such as filling, measuring, packaging, sealing, loading and unloading, which is generally integrated with advanced industrial PC and engineering testing technology. In these functions, filling and metering are the core of the production process. In addition, the system performance of liquid product packing machine directly determines the quality and efficiency of product production. 



25-1-liquid pouch filling equipment

Disadvantages of Current Feeding System

The measurement accuracy of feeding system will decrease with the increase of quantitative liquid packing machine running time. This results in a difference in the weight of the product in each packaging pouch. In order to avoid the feeding system affecting the operation efficiency of the liquid pouch filling machine, it is necessary to improve the existing feeding system. 



Improvement Scheme

Before determining the improvement scheme, it is necessary to comprehensively consider the related problems affecting the feeding system. When the metering error occurs in the filling system, it is necessary to change the passing area of the feeding port to adjust the accuracy of the feeding system. This adjustment process is complicated. In addition, the system error is easy to be generated and can not be eliminated in time. 


Different products have different requirements for the feeding system, which leads to the feeding port of the plastic bag sealing machine need to be adjusted in time. Therefore, in addition to improving the performance of the feeding system, we also need to improve the adjustment method of the feeding system. 



25-2-liquid filling sealing machine

Specific Improvement Measures

First of all, a 35mm wide stainless steel sheet with the same length as the width of the feeding door should be welded at the opening of the feeding port. This can change the switch position of the original feeding door, so that the passing area of the feeding gate remains constant. 


After that, two adjustment plates need to be symmetrically installed at the bottom of the feeding port and fixed with stainless steel bolts. In this way, it is easy to adjust the passing area of the feeding port to meet the requirements of different products on the liquid packaging equipment. In addition, it is also necessary to measure the position of the adjustment plates when they are fully opened, and weld the limiting plate around them to avoid the adjustment plates rotating at will. 


In order to prevent the product from being polluted by the added parts, all parts used must be made of anti-corrosion stainless steel materials. 



Effect of Improvement

After improving the feeding system of automatic liquid packaging machine, not only the original operation mode is changed, but also the original adjustment means is changed, and good results are achieved. 


After the automatic liquid packaging machine is improved, the measurement error is reduced from 1% to 0.05%. In addition, before the improvement, the adjustment time of the feeding system was 5 to 8 minutes, but now it is 20 seconds. At the same time, the performance of the liquid bag packing machine is stable and the control parameters are optimized.

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