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How to Prolong the Service Life of Liquid Pouch Packing Machine?

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In the industrial field, when people need to package liquid products, they often need to use liquid packaging machine. Although liquid packing machine can improve production efficiency, if it is not properly maintained, its industrial efficiency will also decline. In addition, maintenance can extend the service life of the liquid packaging equipment. 



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How to Maintain the Liquid Pouch Packing Machine?

The maintenance of automatic liquid packaging machine can be divided into three types: routine maintenance, current maintenance and special maintenance. Among them, current maintenance can be divided into first-level maintenance, second-level maintenance and third-level maintenance. Special maintenance can be divided into seasonal maintenance and shutdown maintenance. The following details the specific maintenance measures. 


Routine Maintenance

The main task of routine maintenance is to clean and lubricate the automatic liquid sealing machine. In addition, the parts of the equipment need to be fastened to avoid damage to the machine caused by vibration. Every time the machine completes the production task, it needs to be shut down and maintained routinely.


First-level maintenance

In this process, operators need to clean and lubricate the liquid pouch filling equipment, and check whether some key parts are loose. 


Second-level Maintenance

Operators need to check the motor, clutch, gearbox, transmission components, steering components and braking components of the liquid pouch filling machine. 


Third-level Maintenance

Operators need to detect and evaluate the wear level of various parts of the equipment, and timely replace the damaged parts, so as not to affect the performance of the equipment.



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Seasonal Maintenance

Seasonal maintenance should be carried out every summer and winter. Operators need to check the motor, conveyor belt, screw shaft, air compressor and control system of filling and packaging equipment. If the above components are abnormal, it is necessary to contact after-sales personnel and repair them. 



Shutdown Maintenance

When the industrial liquid packing machine has to be shut down for a period of time due to some reasons, it also needs to be maintained. Operators need to carefully clean the machine, but also need to carry out moisture-proof, anti-corrosion treatment. 



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Other Considerations

When the liquid packaging machine appears abnormal phenomenon in normal operation, the power should be cut off immediately. Only after the operator has discharged the abnormal conditions, can the machine be connected to the power supply and continue to run.


If you want to extend the service life of the liquid packaging machine, you must ensure that the lubrication of all parts of the machine is good. Poor lubrication will lead to serious wear between parts, which makes the parts scrapped in advance. 


When the liquid packaging machine is out of use, clean water is needed to wash the liquid products in the pipeline of the machine to ensure the quality of the products.


It is forbidden to place foreign matters on the frame of the packaging machine, so as not to affect the production efficiency of the packaging machine, and foreign matters can even damage the machine.


When using the quantitative liquid packaging machine in winter, if the temperature drops below 0 ℃, hot water must be used to melt the liquid in the fixed displacement pump and pipeline first, otherwise the connecting rod of the machine may be broken, resulting in the failure to start the machine.

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