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How to Use the Automatic Packaging Machine Correctly?

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The plastic bag sealing machine is a piece of common auxiliary equipment in the packaging and processing industry, which has different specifications, include tea bag packing machines, coffee packaging machines, and rice bag sealing machines, etc. If you want the plastic sealing machine in your factory to always be in good working condition, it must be inspected and maintained in a timely manner. In order to extend the service life of the machine to a large extent and to ensure the quality of the machine, special attention should be paid to the correct operation in each packaging process.


71-1-Bag packing machines

In large food packaging processing plants, there is usually a dedicated plastic packing machine operator who is familiar with the maintenance of the equipment. Their main job is to check the working condition of the pouch packing machine at all times. They also report the status of the plastic bag sealing machine to the person in charge in a timely and accurate manner, so that maintenance can be carried out the first time.


However, in addition to routine maintenance and servicing, the best way to save money is to operate your packet sealing machine machine correctly. For effective maintenance and management of the packaging machine, the following operating procedures should be followed.


71-1-Bag packing machines

Before using the automatic bag packaging machine for the first time, you must check whether the machine seal is firm. And also during the production process, the mechanical seal and pumping should be checked continuously. This is to prevent the production of bags with poor sealing performance. After every 2 hours of machine operation, the top cover, bag clamps, and funnel opening of the machine must be cleaned with an air gun. This is to cope with the sanitary and epidemic prevention needs of COVID-19. The operator must not casually change the parameters on the display when the automatic pouch packing machine is operating to avoid malfunction. When the bag or material falls on the machine, it should be hooked before taking it away. Daily cleaning and disinfection are required after the end of operation. If the machine runs abnormally, you must stop the operation and report to the maintenance personnel in time. Dont  touch the automatic bag packaging machine in operation with your hands!


The correct operation process can not only maximize the value of the equipment, but also maximize the life of the equipment, so all operators should follow the above process to ensure safety. If you still have unclear questions, you can contact our official customer service, or click our article for answers.

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