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How to choose a dry powder mixer?

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I believed that if you had a look for the powder packing machine, you know that the dry powder mixing automatic weight packing machine has a set of operating steps and how to maintain it. As a dry powder processing equipment with a relatively simple structure, improper operation in daily use will affect the performance of the powder packaging machine and the quality of the product.


39-3- powder pouch packing machine

First, generally, the processing time is 10 minutes for each batch of dry small powder filling machine, and it takes an exact time for discharging and feeding. The total time is roughly 15 minutes. In an ideal state, it can cost continuously processed four batches of materials in one hour. In this case, if you choose a high-speed mixer with a processing capacity of 150 kg per batch, it will cost 600 kilograms of materials processed in one hour. Of course, if your demand is small, you can also choose a volumetric powder filling machine


Second, when the dry powder packaging and sealing machine is working, to ensure the consistent delivery capacity of the materials, the pitch of the inner spiral belt should be smaller than that of the outer spiral belt, the width should be greater than that of the outer spiral belt. The double spiral belt used for mixing is in the opposite direction. And then you should push materials in one direction. Or the materials will be concentrated on the same side. Based on the working principle of the horizontal spiral belt in the high-speed pouch packing machine.


39-2- powder pouch packing machine

Third, how much time for the materials of various components is also different, which is participated in the mixing or the product is not uniform because of different crushing particle sizes and the friction coefficient of the material. Therefore, some manufacturers have adjusted the processing accuracy according to this situation. In the spinning belt type of a high-speed packing machine, the gap between the spiral belt and the shell can be changed from 4 mm to 10 mm into about 3 mm by manufacturers. Or adjust the position between the main shaft and the housing according to the amount of wear.


Fourth, you should bring forward and communicate with manufacturers about what form is most suitable for your process valve so that whenever a high-speed packaging machine completes mixing, you can clear the uniformity of the material at one time, which can save time. It can also save costs and achieve the expected productivity. 


All above is that we wanted to share that some daily operations and maintenance, hope this article can help you to find a suitable mixer.

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