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How to choose packaging scales for food and feed industries?

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Reform and opening up have strongly promoted the development of the grain and feed industries, accompanied by increasing automation in production, processing, storage and transportation. The original method of manual weighing and packaging has been replaced by intelligent microcomputer-controlled automatic packaging. This greatly improves work efficiency, reduces labor intensity, ensures the accuracy of weighing, and improves the operating environment for workers. How to correctly select electronic packaging scales for food and feed manufacturers according to their own process requirements and material characteristics has become a concern of many manufacturers.



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How to choose a packaging scale

To choose an automatic weighing packing machine reasonably, it is mainly considered from the following aspects.


Physical characteristics of packaging materials

The choice of electronic packing scale for food and feed production plants should be based on the physical properties of the product, such as the shape, particle size, capacity, surface friction coefficient, fluidity and adhesion of the packaging materials. It is impossible for any kind of weighing and packing machine to adapt to the weighing and packaging of multiple materials with different physical properties. For example, the outstanding advantage of the belt-fed weight packing machine is that the feeding will not cause the material to be broken. Therefore, the packaging scale is most suitable for the weighing and packaging of compressed pellets, puffed pellets, puffed flakes and other materials. The packaging scale also has shortcomings, that is, poor sealing performance.


Product variety and type

For materials with little difference in physical properties, one type of packing weight machine can be used. There are many varieties of products in feed mills, and the characteristics of materials are quite different, so you can't just choose the same weighing and bagging machine, otherwise it will be difficult to ensure the normal use of the packaging scale. Professional feed factories usually have perfect design and planning. Different types of finished feed products are stored in different finished products warehouses. Different types of packaging scales should be selected according to the differences in their physical properties.


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Requirements for the speed of packaging scales

Large-scale feed factories have a large output of a single species. It is recommended to use a multihead weigher packing machine, which can double the packaging speed. Moreover, personnel, investment and power consumption have been reduced accordingly. At the same time, the area occupied by the plant is saved, and the price is also reduced.


The size and form of the bag

The packing volume of the constant packing scale is 20-50 kg/bag. Generally, a woven bag lined with plastic film is used and sealed with an industrial sewing machine. The packaging of premix vitamins, minerals, medicines and other materials is relatively sophisticated, and different forms of packaging bags should be selected according to needs. The small scale packaging machine weighs 5 kg/bag or less of the material, which needs to be packed in plastic bags, and the bag mouth needs to be heat-sealed by a heat sealer.


The packaging scale is a product that combines mechanical, electrical, and gas phases. There are many parts that frequently move back and forth. Regular maintenance is very important to ensure the normal use of the packaging scale. The above information is expected to help the grain and feed industry production plants to correctly select packaging scales.

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