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How to classify packaging machines?

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Packaging is the general name of containers, materials, and auxiliary materials used in certain technical methods to protect products during the circulation process, facilitate storage and transportation, and promote sales. There are many types of packaging machinery, we will briefly introduce you below.


87.packaging machines


Classification of packaging machines

There are many classification methods for packaging machinery. Packaging machinery can be divided into pre-packaging machinery, packaging machinery and post-packing machinery. From the function and packaging materials, it can be divided into a variety of specific machinery types:


According to the function, it can be divided into single-function packaging machine and multi-function packaging machine;

According to the purpose of use, it can be divided into inner packaging machine and outer packaging machine;

According to packaging varieties, it can be divided into special packaging machines and general packaging machines;

According to the level of automation, it is divided into semi-automatic machines and fully automatic machines.


81.bag packing machine


Specific types of packaging machines

1. Carton processing machinery:

Tile line, cross-cutting machine, paper splicing machine, pasting machine, gluing machine, dryer, cross-cutting machine, slitting machine, die-cutting machine, laminating machine, nail box machine, printing machine, corrugated roll, mesh Grain rollers, cutters, rubber pads



2. Soft package processing machinery:

Film blowing machine, casting machine, coating machine, laminating machine, vertical filling and packaging machine, horizontal filling and packaging machine



3. Color box processing machinery:

Color box die-cutting machine, box-gluing machine, strapping machine, paper cutter, polishing machine, hot stamping machine, laminating machine



4. Printing equipment category:

Proofing machine, pre-printing machine, printing machine, printing slotting machine



5. Packaging machinery:

Filling machine, sealing machine, filling and sealing machine, aseptic filling machine, inkjet coding machine, laser coding machine, thermal transfer coding machine, labeling machine, sleeve labeling machine, sealing packaging equipment, heat shrinkage packing machine, tape sealing machine, cartoning equipment, cartoning equipment


6. Other machinery:

Automatic control and testing equipment. The packaging process includes the main processes such as filling, wrapping, and sealing, as well as related pre- and post-processes, such as cleaning, stacking, and disassembly. In addition, packaging also includes processes such as metering or stamping on the package. The use of mechanical packaging products can increase productivity, reduce labor intensity, adapt to the needs of large-scale production, and meet the requirements of cleanliness and hygiene.



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