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How to maintain bag packaging machines?

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Bag packing machines that are used frequently need to be maintained in a timely manner in order to maintain good performance. Effective ways to protect plastic sealing machine are as follows.



Although the development of technology can provide a lot of convenience to people's production and life, but the machine can not accurately reflect its own situation in a timely manner. So if you want to prolong the service life of the machine, you need the manager of the machine to check and maintain it in time. Plastic bag sealing machine is a common auxiliary equipment in the packaging and processing industry, which has different specifications and can produce different models of bags. Depending on the industry, the bag trial production machine can also be directly divided into tea bag packing machine, coffee packaging machine and rice bag sealing machine, etc.


70-plastic sealing machine (2)

In addition to the correct operation of the machine and equipment, the best way to save money is to carry out routine maintenance and repair of the equipment. Because the bag packing machine equipment can not report its own operation in a timely and accurate manner, it requires constant inspection and maintenance by the operator to extend the service life of the machine equipment to the maximum. In addition, if you need to use the machine in some special climate or environment, it is more important to maintain in a timely manner. So in large food packaging processing plants, there is usually a plastic packing machine operator familiar with the maintenance of equipment. So how to give bag packaging machine the effective maintenance? The following are some of the relevant maintenance methods.


Daily maintenance

Before the first use and during the daily use of the machine, the technician needs to check the machine. Technicians need to ensure that all pouch packing machine parts are intact before use, including the vacuum chamber, filling system, trays and other components without stalling, loosening and other abnormalities. Technicians also need to check whether the protective cover is intact to ensure that the packaging machine in operation to play a good performance. In addition, technicians also need to check the blockage of the air filter and each compressed air pipe for air leakage.


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Equipment maintenance

If some faults of the machine are found during routine maintenance, it is necessary to repair these faults in a timely manner. The maintenance process can be divided into two levels according to the difficulty of maintenance. One level of maintenance is more basic and mainly includes checking the oil level of the main drive motor and reducer, checking the main drive bearing and cam of the machine body, etc. In case of insufficient oil level or abnormal linkage of machine parts, timely treatment is carried out. The secondary maintenance is mainly to replace the main machine, reducer, tray, etc. When the failure of the bag packaging machine is not caused by electrical and mechanical parts failure, technicians need to further investigate and deal with, and according to the damage to replace the cooling water pipe joints, air joints and air tubes, etc.

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