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How to maintain screw packing machine?

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The screw packing machine is a type of pouch packing machine which is widely used in screw automatic packaging in fields of electrical, electronics, lighting, and hardware and building materials manufacturing industry. It consists of the following parts:


Automatic feeding device: It’s mainly composed of hopper, chassis, controller, linear feeder and other supporting components. The automatic feeding device is all customized for the products that can ensure the smooth and stable automatic feeding of products.


79-1-pouch packing machine (2)

Counting control device: It uses reasonable induction device which combined to the automatic feeding device so that plastic bag packing machine can ensure the accuracy of each bag.


The mainframe: It can help to make the perfect icon pattern and automatically display the number of packaging, and count the work of the machine accurately.


Microcomputer touch screen: It makes the operation more simple and convenient.


Circuit program control section: It can better control the system, so that the use of the packaging machine will be safer and more stable.



The automatic packing machine price is higher than traditional packing machine, so it’s necessary to learn how to maintain it.


79-1-pouch packing machine


First of all, it’s necessary to select skilled people to operate the filling and packing machine. For the simple maintenance of used packaging equipment, operators need to be familiar with the use of various meters and have abilities to solve the problems. The automatic packaging machine should be kept clean and dry for daily use. In addition, you should regularly check whether the terminal is loose, whether there is bad contact and other problems.



Secondly, check screws and other parts of electric packing machine regularly to prevent loose screws, which will affect the service life of the machine. When plastic sealing machine machine is shut down, the two heat seals should be in the open position to prevent hot damage to the packaging material.



Thirdly, the automated packaging equipment should be placed in a place with dry air. Pay attention to the water, moisture, corrosion and rat of the electrical parts. Electrical cabinet and terminals must be kept clean to prevent electrical failure.



In the end, lubricating oil should be injected regularly into the oil filling holes of the gear rollers and the moving parts of the plastic pouch packing machine.



Correct maintenance of the packaging machine can improve the performance of the packaging machine. I hope this article will help you to use and maintain the screw packing machine correctly.

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