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How to operate the pellet packaging machine?

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Nowadays, mechanical equipment is used instead of manual operation of the automatic weighing packing machine, so there is still much technical staff who do not understand the use and the particle weighing and packing machine. It is a problem that the packaging industry often encounters at present.


32-2- automatic weighing packing machine

First, before starting the granule packing machine, you need to fill up the sliding parts of the clutch and cutter clutch, the rotating part of copper and copper alloys, and the parts with relative movement, so that the pellet packaging machine is more stable during operation. 


Second, you need to make sure that the automatic granule packing machine is filled with oil and then turn on the power switch. You will see the power indicator light. After the power switch is turn on, you need to wait for the horizontal and vertical sealing roller heaters to energize. Just let slowly began to heat up.


Third, after the semi-automatic granule filling machine starts to heat up to a certain level, you should adjust the vertical and horizontal sealing temperature controller. As for how to advise the temperature to be suitable? That depends on the packaging materials you use. Different packaging materials have high or low temperatures. Of course, the temperature of the vertical seal and the horizontal seal will also be different. When you use it, you also need to adjust it according to the stitching situation.


Fourth, after the temperature of the intelligent particle filling machine is adjusted, you need to place the packaging film at this time, send the film along the guide groove to the vicinity of the longitudinal sealing roller, and then align the two ends of the film. Otherwise, curling will occur during vertical sealing, and the packaging will be unqualified. And you have to measure the length indicated by the light point on the packaging material of the set bag length in advance, that is, the actual length of the bag, and then you can operate the next step after setting it with a computer.


32-1- automatic weighing packing machine

Fifth, when the particle filling machine runs to a certain extent, you can first try whether the granule automated packaging machine can bond the bag opening well. If the temperature is too low, the bag will be easy to peel off, which does not perform the packaging machine correctly. If the temperature is too high, the heat-sealed surface will appear white and not beautiful enough. Moreover, the temperature is often too high, which can easily cause malfunctions, causing the bag seal to melt or deform the bag seal.


Sixth, this step is to use the cutter clutch. When the particle filling machine cannot cut at the specified position, you need to turn off the power switch, and then repeat the adjustment on the computer.


Seventh, after the computer is adjusted and the temperature is okay, you need to manually change the pulley to feed the film into the horizontal sealing roller, so that the light spot position of the film is in the middle of the heat sealing of the horizontally sealing roller. Then turn the left and right cams on the main shaft until the up and down micro switches are keeping open, so that the photoelectric head is aligned with the light spot on the film.


Eighth, you should put the material to be packaged into the hopper, and then adjust the feeding time so that the material to been packaged is filled into the bag when the horizontal sealing is completed. Because if it is not revised, it is easy to clip the heat-sealed part into the packaging material, which is why we can see the quantitative filling machine inside when we open the package.

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