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How to repair common faults of electronic quantitative packaging scale?

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Since the reform and opening up, our country's socialist market has gradually improved, and the production products of various enterprises have also shown a diversified and batched form. The traditional weighing and packing machines mainly use the principle of lever machinery, which has certain errors. For companies with stricter accuracy such as ingredients, the reliability of traditional quantitative packaging scales is poor and cannot meet the needs of the company's production schedule.


Therefore, in order to promote the rapid production of enterprises and ensure the accurate value of output, electronic packaging scales came into being. The integration of electronic information technology into the quantitative scale eliminates the manual operation process, improves the measurement accuracy and measurement time, saves a lot of manpower, material and financial resources, and improves the economic benefits of the enterprise.



55 weighing packing machine (2)

Common faults and solutions of electronic quantitative packaging scales

(1) After turning on, the electronic quantitative scale has no response.

In the process of weighing, when we open the electronic packing scale, the quantitative scale does not perform any operation reaction. The main reasons are as follows: First, the power connection is faulty; Second, the voltage of the rectifier and stabilized voltage does not match the operating voltage of the electronic scale. The former method is actually very simple, the main thing is to connect the power supply to ensure that the source of the electronic quantitative scale passes the quantitative scale. The maintenance of the latter is mainly to check the manufacturer of the weighing packing machine. Because of the different manufacturers, the requirements of AC power supply and regulated DC power supply are not the same. Therefore, a suitable rectifier and stabilized voltage should be selected. Only in this way can the quantitative scale be guaranteed normal operation.


(2) The operation keys do not work or part of the operation keys do not work.

Usually the operation keys for controlling the electronic weight packing machine are concentrated on the control cabinet. Therefore, when the operation keys do not work, it is usually due to the short circuit of the keyboard matrix. At this time, you only need to replace the keyboard or repair the matrix short-circuit point, and the operation keys can operate normally ; When some operation keys do not work, the first step is to check how the inoperable keys are arranged on the circuit board. If they are arranged in rows, it is generally due to component damage or poor contact in the front-end circuit. However, if it is arranged in columns, in addition to the front-end circuit, it may also be caused by damage to the single-chip microcomputer or poor contact, which is more complicated.


55 weighing packing machine (1)

(3) When doing self-inspection, a drift condition occurs during the zero-point loading process.

There are also two reasons for the drift in the zero-point loading process. One is that the automatic weight packing machine has been used in a humid place for a long time, and the other is that it has been stored in a non-dry place for a long time. The main reason for the drift is that the internal sensor and A/D conversion circuit of the packing weight machine are damp, causing a short circuit between the lines. If the weigh filler packaging machine drifts during the self-inspection process, it is necessary to open the small scale packaging machine, deal with the dirt on the sensor and circuit board, and dry it.

To sum up, although the automatic weighing packing machine has improved the shortcomings of the traditional quantitative scale in the use process, there are still some problems, and the maintenance have been increased. However, in the long run, the advantages of using electronic quantitative scales outweigh the disadvantages, so we should grasp the composition principles and common failures of electronic quantitative scales to promote the stable development of society.

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