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Is vacuum bag packaging machine important to the food industry?

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Vacuum packaging is a way to put the food into a preservation container or preservation bag, which can exhaust the air, so that the food can be sealed greatly, especially for meat, seafood, vegetables, and other ingredients. All those foods will be oxidation and spoilage in a very short period, if not be vacuum packaged. Usually, the use of vacuum packaging requires special vacuum packaging equipment. Common pouch packaging equipment in the market include bag packing machines, pouch packing machines, and vacuum powder packing machines, etc.


Food vacuum packaging can not only reduce the rate of oxidation of foods, but also extend the shelf life of foods. Moreover, vacuum pouch packaging machines can also promote the benign development of the food industry and bring more business opportunities for businesses. Therefore, vacuum pouch packaging machine has an important role for the food industry. Specifically, the advantages of automatic pouch sealing machines are as follows.


72-1-Good-quality vacuum packaging machine


1. Reduce the rate of oxidation.

Just like the human body needs antioxidants to fight aging, food preservation also needs antioxidants. If exposed to air for a long time, the ingredients within the foods will slowly combine with oxygen to produce changes in the chemical structure. Therefore, the food vacuum packaging bags produced by the vacuum bag packaging equipment are widely loved in the food processing industry . The vacuum pack machine can directly block the air that causes food oxidation, which effectively extending the shelf life of food.



2. Inhibit the reproduction of bacteria.

Bacteria in the air is also an important culprit that causing food spoilage. Bacteria breeding will accelerate the spoilage of ingredients. After contact with the air, ingredients are easy to become a breeding ground for bacteria. High-quality vacuum food packaging bags can effectively prevent bacteria from touching the surface of the food, which can effectively protect the quality of ingredients.


72-2-vacuum bag packaging machine


3. Prevent drying.

Whether it is placed at room temperature or freezer, the moisture inside the ingredients will slowly evaporate over time. Once the internal moisture is evaporated, it will cause the appearance of food discoloration. The use of vacuum packaging can effectively seal the moisture of the food to avoid food drying problems.



4. Extend the shelf life of food.

Although the ingredients are different depending on the composition, the shelf life of food can be extended by more than 1.5 times if it is refrigerated in vacuum packaging. For example, if the rice is stored traditionally, it may become an insects or mold in 2-3 months, while vacuum packaging can preserve the same rice for at least one year. Another example is that the raw beef can be kept only 2-3 days at room temperature, while the shelf life of the same beef can reach 6-10 days after vacuum packaging.

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