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Packaging equipment in pharmaceutical industry

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The pharmaceutical industry is characterized by a wide range of product types, dosage forms and specifications; The output of a single product is small (compared with electronic products, daily chemicals and food and beverage industries), and it is difficult to reduce costs through large-scale production of a single product; Regulatory monitoring is strict and upgrading frequency is high. For pharmaceutical companies that operate or sell globally, they also need to adapt to the regulatory differences in different countries and regions. The advantages of modular automatic pouch filling and sealing machine in flexibility and total cost of ownership (TCO) make it very suitable for pharmaceutical production. Successful modular used packaging equipment should have excellent flexibility. According to the specific needs of different customers, products (equipment) that best meet the needs of users can be formed by selecting and combining different functional modules. And electric sealing machine needs to have good upgrade performance and function conversion ability.



14-2-automatic pouch filling and sealing machine

Introduction of Pharmaceutical Packaging Equipment:


1: BE-P series blister packing machine


The design of the new generation blister plastic container sealing machine perfectly embodies the functional product structure layering of the classic modular design. After years of research, technicians have developed BE-P series blister packing line. On the basis of this modular platform, after continuously enriching the functional modules, the platform can cover all kinds of mainstream drug packaging such as solid preparations and injections; Through the combination of different modules, BE-P series blister side sealing machine can meet various production speed requirements below 500 boxes /min, which can be described as a model of modular application in the field of blister pill packaging machine. With its excellent modular design and application level, this product won the Modularization Readiness Award issued by the famous independent institution ID-Consult in Germany, which affirmed the excellent modular equipment implementation function of this platform.


14-1-automatic pouch filling and sealing machine

2. Customized all-paper packaging equipment


Some companies adopt the concept of "configuration according to order", which perfectly solves the contradiction between personalized design and large-scale industrial production, and ensures that customers can realize a variety of product packaging in different packaging forms on one small sealing machine. For example, a biopharmaceutical customer purchased a NeoTOP device, and by changing the mold, six kinds of products can be packaged, which are 2ml and 10ml 1-pack penicillin bottles, 2ml 10-pack penicillin bottles, and 1-pack, 2-pack and 3-pack injection pens. Cleverly, the packaging forms of these six products are different.


3: Modular pouch packaging equipment LA400


In order to meet the needs of a large number of users for the collinear production of multi-variety fluid pouch packaging, modular automatic plastic bag sealing machine LA400 came into being. Modular design makes the equipment have unprecedented adaptability to various packaging forms and products with different properties and viscosities. Especially, the metering/feeding system with "plug-and-play" design concept enables the whole feeding/metering station to be transferred to the cleaning room for cleaning. The feeding/metering station on the multihead weigher packing machine is designed as a module with standard interface. When different products need to be produced, such as changing from oral liquid with higher fluidity to syrup with higher viscosity, the whole module only needs to be pulled out and replaced accordingly, so as to quickly produce fluid products with different viscosities on the same packing clip machine.

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