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Product packaging trends in 2021!

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The epidemic has brought a huge impact to global CPG brands, and consumers no longer view product packaging in the same way. Now, packaging is seen as a key gateway to enhance consumer trust in the brand. According to the McKinsey report, we can expect that even in the post-epidemic era, these major behavioral trends will continue to exist, such as price sensitivity, higher digital participation, attention to health and hygiene, and brand missions. Redefining and so on, let us analyze the latest product packaging trends in 2021.


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Use product packaging to promote sustainable development

Now, 55% of American consumers are very concerned about the environmental impact of product packaging. CPG brands should adopt environmentally friendly practices in the product manufacturing process and adopt reusable or recyclable product packaging. Packaging designers should use recyclable materials to create innovative and sustainable packaging designs.


In addition, brand managers should also promote these efforts through product promotion to appease customers. Digital product labels supported by QR Code can communicate sustainable practices and are the easiest way to achieve this goal. QR codes can also educate consumers about the post-recycling use information.



Use product packaging as a channel to collect feedback

MYcustomer pointed out that consumer insights are more important than ever. For CPG brands, it is vital to understand their customers better and put their focus first. Although collecting feedback has always been the top priority for CPG brands, the key difference is the requirement to digitize the process of collecting customer feedback. The pursuit of a safe, non-contact experience cannot be adapted to physical channels that use forms or touch screens to collect feedback.


Smart packaging equipped with QR codes or NFC stickers can be used to capture customer satisfaction and emotional changes after use. After the user activates the product by scanning or clicking on the QR code or NFC tag, an automatic workflow can be set up to attract customers to express their opinions when they have the opportunity to use the product.



Transform product packaging into a channel for consumer participation

Due to changes in consumer behavior worldwide, CPG brands are rethinking their consumer engagement models. An article by McKinsey pointed out that the most basic requirement is for companies to provide services and experiences with the utmost care and compassion while considering the needs of consumers.


CPG product packaging can be used to gamify the consumer experience, sharing exclusive content, games and quizzes to increase consumer participation. You can access its social media on the product, allow consumers to post reviews, and tag your brand online, thereby increasing online engagement and brand awareness.



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