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QD-200 automatic bag feeding series packaging machine

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Automatic pouch packing machines are generally divided into semi-automatic packaging machines and full-automatic packaging machines. Automatic packaging machine is mainly used in food, medicine, chemical industry and plant seed materials automatic packaging. The materials can be in the form of granules, tablets, liquids, powders, pastes and the like. Automatic pouch filling machine has the functions of automatically measuring, filling, bag making, sealing, cutting, conveying, printing production batch number, adding easy cut, warning without material, stirring, etc. Today, we introduce QD-200 series bag-feeding packaging machine.



15-1-seal packing machine

Characteristics of QD-200 series bag feeding packaging machine:


1. Wide packaging range: suitable for materials of various shapes, states and properties, such as: large and small particles, powder, sauce, liquid materials, etc. (rice, coarse grains, roasted nuts, spicy puffing, chestnut, dried tofu, chicken and duck feet, pickled mustard tuber, starch, laundry detergent, hot pot bottom material, etc.);


2. Easy to operate: this automatic capsule filling machine is controlled by PLC touch screen and operated by man-machine interface, which is intuitive and convenient to operate;


3. Convenient adjustment: the bag packing machine is adjusted synchronously by the machine clamp, and the parameters of the equipment can be saved when producing different products, and can be retrieved from the database when changing varieties;


4. High degree of automation: all actions are completed by end cam, which is simpler and lower in cost than groove cam, and the speed of the automatic filling machine can reach 60 PCs/min when running at high speed;


5. Perfect prevention system: the machine can intelligently detect whether the bag is opened and whether it is complete. If the material is not properly charged, the bag and materials will not be wasted. Empty bags can be recycled to the first station to be refilled, avoiding the waste caused by bag pollution and saving costs;


6. The seal packing machine meets the hygiene standards of food processing machinery, and the contact parts between equipment and materials are processed with 304 stainless steel or other materials that meet food hygiene requirements to ensure food hygiene and safety and meet GMP standards;


7. This packaging machine adopts oil-free vacuum pump to avoid polluting the production environment;


8. The bag filling machine adopts waterproof design, which makes it easy to clean, reduces the difficulty of cleaning and prolongs the service life of the machine.


9. Using prefabricated packaging bags, the sealing quality is high, and the grade of finished products is improved.


10. The small pouch packing machine can be equipped with vacuum device, electronic scale, powder head, sauce pump, liquid pump and corresponding feeding device, etc.



15-2-seal packing machine

QD-200 series bag feeding packaging machine:


1. QD-200C multi-head combined electronic scale quantitative bag packaging machine


This machine is suitable for prefabricated bag quantitative packaging machines for fine granular materials and massive materials. It adopts multi-head combined electronic scales to measure, and the accurate error of the weight of packaging is small. It cooperates with Z-shaped feeder to carry out full-automatic quantitative filling, and the main machine adopts multi-station form to carry out automatic bag grabbing, bag opening, filling and secondary sealing, etc.


2. QD-200B powder automatic bag feeding packaging machine


Bag-feeding powder packaging machine is mainly composed of prefabricated bag full-automatic rotary packaging and screw weighing, which is suitable for automatic metering and packaging of powder materials such as milk powder, coffee, condiments and additives.


3. QD -200A liquid automatic bag feeding packaging machine


Automatic bag-feeding liquid packaging machine is made up of prefabricated bag full-automatic packaging machine and filling machine for liquids and sauces. It is mainly suitable for automatic metering and packaging of liquids and sauces such as fruit juice, tomato sauce, seasoning sauce, Chili sauce, peanut butter, hand sanitizer and detergent.

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