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SS-TSB/8-200/30 Rotary Filling and Packaging Line For Granule

Application Area

This line mainly install rotary packing machine, 4-head combination

weigher and working platform suitable for packing all kinds of granul

such as washing powder nice chicken essence, monosodium glutamate

seeds, sugar, fodder, sesame seeds etc.

  • SS-TSB/8-200/30

sunsee packgaing machine

pouch packing machine working station

SS-TSB/8-200/30  powder filling and packaging machine.

Application :

This machine can equipped with different weighting and filling device to make a complete lines to pack all kinds powder, such as coffee powder, milk, rice powder, tea powder and so on.

Optional Accessories:

1.4~14- Head linear weigher

2. Working platform

3.Material conveyor

4. Open zipper device

5. Vibrating feeder

6. Check weigher

7. Metal detector

8. Output conveyor 

 Main Features

1 Wide range of pouches all kinds of pre-made pouches such as flat and stand up pouches(with/without zip

2. Easy to operate: PLC and color panel, fault indication on the panel

3. Easy to adjust: only about 10 minutes to change different pouches

4. Frequency control. speed can be adjusted by frequency conversion within the range

5. High Automation unmanned in weighing and packing process machine alarm automatically when failure.

6. No pouchvincorrect pouch opening-no fill-no seal, machine alarm

7. Machine alarm and stop when the inadequate air pressur

8. Hygienic construction the product contact parts are adopted sus 304 stainless steel

9. Imported engineering plastic bearings, no need to oil, no contamination

10. Oil-free vacuum pump, avoid the pollution of the production environmental



1.Waterproo Design: the machine surface an be wased down so easy eaning, and longer useful life.

2. Safety guards with safety, machine alarm and stop when the safety guards are opened

Machine configuration :







15-70bag/min, depends on bag quality and packing goods.


Bag size


Length :80-200mm


Packing weight

Max 2000gram.



AC380V±10%,3phase50HZ; or customized





Air compressor ( customer prepare)

Working pressure:0.5-0.7MPa

Air consumption:0.4M3/min。






2500 kg



bag loading

bag loading

open bag

open bag

hold bag

bag Holder

heat seal

heat sealing

heat seal sensor

heat seal sensor

temperature controller

temperature controller 

Company Profile


sunsee packgaing machine company

Ruian Sunsee Machinery Co., Ltd is a company that integrates operations of sales and manufacturing. We are engaged in the production and export of automatic filling and packaging machines. We follow the principles for keeping the superior quality of machines, providing professional services, and have the vision of developing solutions that correspond to the demand of professional users in terms of function, range, availability, quality, and price. 

Our Factory


Our office and factory locate in Ruian City, Zhejiang Prvince, which enjoys very convenient transportation, welcome every friend to contact and visit us. We have more than 15-years of experience in a series of fully automatic filling and packaging machinery and relative supporting machinery and equipment with more than 2 invent patents and 10 new design patents.

sunsee packgaing machine factory

R&D Customization


SUNSEE has quickly realized that one size does not fit all. To address every customer's requirement, SUNSEE has the willingness and ability to work with every application that others in the industry may stay away from. 

Customization Process

sunsee packgaing machine Customization Process

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