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The current situation and development trend of packaging machinery industry

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Packaging is a necessary condition for commodities to enter the circulation field, and packaging equipment is the main means to realize commodity packaging. Packaging equipment manufacturers provide customers with diversified packaging equipment to meet their needs for automated production according to the individual needs of their packaging technology.


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1. Development background of packaging machinery industry

Packaging equipment integrates mechanical processing, electrical control, information system control, industrial robots, image sensing technology, microelectronics and other technologies in multiple fields, combined with the production technology of downstream industries, to achieve molding, filling, sealing, labeling, coding, and bundling The automation of a series of packaging processes such as palletizing and winding has become one of the key factors for companies to improve production efficiency, reduce labor intensity, improve operating environment, save labor costs, optimize production processes, and achieve large-scale production.


In the early stage of the development of the packaging machinery industry, manual and semi-automatic traditional packaging equipment were mainly used. The degree of product automation was low, the industry adaptability was poor, and market promotion was greatly restricted. With the rapid development of the national economy and the improvement of production automation requirements in various industries, the packaging machinery industry has developed rapidly. Packaging equipment has been widely used in food, beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical, machinery manufacturing, warehousing and logistics industries.



2. Development status of packaging machinery industry

Modern packaging equipment is a stand-alone equipment and intelligent packaging production line that uses modern information technology to operate and control. It reflects the development requirements of high automation, mechatronics, and intelligence for packaging equipment. Compared with traditional packaging equipment, modern packaging equipment has the characteristics of fast tempo and continuous production, strong production adaptability, unmanned operation, etc., and can realize automatic identification, dynamic monitoring, automatic alarm, fault self-diagnosis, and safety chain control. And data automatic storage and other functions are more in line with the needs of modern mass production.


In recent years, driven by the continuous improvement of my country’s per capita consumption level and the upgrading of consumer demand, manufacturers in many industries such as food, beverages, medicine, chemicals, paper products, etc. have seized development opportunities, continuously expanded their production scales, and improved market competitiveness. The rapid development of my country's packaging machinery industry provides an effective guarantee.



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3. Development trend of packaging machinery industry

In the next few years, the growth of packaging equipment sales in developing countries and regions will become the driving force for the development of global packaging equipment. As the largest developing country, the demand for packaging equipment in China will constitute one of the world's largest markets; Packaging machinery such as automatic packing machine, semi automatic milk packing machine, liquid sachet filling machine, etc. is continuously upgraded.


The packaging machinery industry directly serves the production process of the enterprise, as well as the warehousing and logistics links where products are transferred to the consumer sector, which is of great significance to the healthy development of the national economy. The independent R&D and industrialization of packaging equipment, especially high-end packaging equipment, has always been the national industrial policy encouragement The development target of the company focuses on the development of high-efficiency, flexibility, large-scale, personalized, and intelligent development.

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