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What are the Characteristics of Automatic Liquid Filling and Packing Machine?

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Automatic liquid filling and packing machine is widely used in food, medicine and other industries. The following content introduces the process requirements of automatic filling and the composition of the smart liquid filling and packing machine. 


The reliability, control accuracy and automation of the intelligent liquid sealing machine will affect the quality of the product and the labor intensity of the operator. Therefore, the programmable controller is often used as the core of the automatic liquid packing machine. In addition, the hardware structure of the system is simplified as much as possible, which greatly improves the automation performance of the system. The automatic water packing machine is equipped with a touch screen, so that the operator can manage the operation of the machine through text, buttons, graphics and numbers. 


23-1-quantitative filling machine


Operation Process of the System

The automatic liquid pouch filling machine can be used to fill various types of liquid products, such as drinks, sauces, etc. A constant pressure material tank is equipped on the top of the machine, and a liquid level sensor is also equipped in the tank to keep the liquid level stable. The material tank is connected with a plurality of liquid piston filler and controlled by a pneumatic valve. The dosage of liquid product can be controlled by controlling the opening time of pneumatic valve. The conveyor belt of the machine is controlled by a frequency conversion motor, and a sensor is set at one end of the transmission belt to detect the number of packaging pouches. When the sensor detects a certain number of pouches, the conveyor belt will stop working. At this time, the liquid piston filler begins to drop and the liquid product can be filled into the packaging pouches. After that, the liquid piston filler will rise again, and then the conveyor belt will continue to work.



23-2-liquid paste filling machine

Composition of Control System

The automatic milk pouch packing machine has the functions of high precision time control and liquid level control, and also has the functions of speed regulation, lifting and so on. In addition, the machine can not only run automatically, but also run manually. In order to ensure the working efficiency of the machine, its control system is mainly composed of PLC, metering control system, stepless speed control system, etc.


PLC is the core component of the control system. The liquid product packing machine is equipped with a 16 bit PLC, which has rich instructions and high cost performance. In addition, the program capacity of the PLC is 5K, which has rich functions of logic operation, arithmetic operation, counting, stepping, timing and so on. 


Metering control system is an important part of automatic filling machine, its control degree and dosage stability directly affect the quality of production. 


Stepless speed control system is used to control the filling speed of the machine. The speed control of the system is realized through the combination of PLC and frequency converter. According to the requirements of different segments of the program, PLC switches the input control end of the inverter in turn, so as to realize the segmented speed control and achieve the purpose of speed control. 


The operator can control the industrial liquid packing machine through the touch screen. The machine has the characteristics of stepless speed regulation and high output, and has been widely praised by users.

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