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What are the automatic packaging formats of wheat flour and the difficulties faced?

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1. The form of fully automatic packaging of wheat flour

Whether domestic or foreign, the two main processes used in wheat flour pouch packing machines are semi-automatic and fully automatic wheat flour packaging. The main difference lies in technology. The process forms require manual operations or manual auxiliary operations. The process from automatic feeding, weighing, bagging, filling, sealing and sewing, convey, to robot palletizing and bagging, the whole process does not require manual assistance.


As the wheat flour industry continues to develop towards intensive and large-scale production, the automatic weighing and packing machines of wheat will eventually realized by people. There is the result of technological development and market competition. However, there are still many difficulties in the automatic packaging of wheat flour.


31-2-pouch packing machine

2. Difficulties in automatic packaging of wheat flour

The main difficulties of fully automatic weighing and packing machine of wheat flour are as follows:

First, wheat flour particles are particles with a large specific surface area and are mainly composed of starch, protein, minerals, and other components. Wheat flour tends to become sticky. Therefore, during the wheat flour weighing and bagging machine process, not only is it easy to generate dust. In addition, the wheat flour will also stick to the wall of the blanking hopper, the weight of the measured wheat flour will be reduced by the opening of the packaging bag from the package after being loaded into the packaging bag.


Second, besides the above problems, the fast and accurate problems of the weighing device, and reliable problems of the automatic bagging device, and the sensor components, its reliability, and other issues are a big problem, and it needs to be researched and discussed by relevant technical personnel and enterprises.



31-3-pouch packing machine

Third, in the small-bag automatic wheat flour packing machine, the wheat flour packing machine generally uses a fully automatic packing machine and plastic pouch packing machine. However, the cost of a paper wrapping machine is relatively high, so currently, the main ones there are used to be film-covered woven bags and non-woven bags. However, these two types of packaging bags have low rigidity, which is easy to cause wheat flour to fly outward. For example, because many bag-making factories use thermal cutting to make bags, the bag mouth is easy to stick, makes it difficult for the weight packing machine to open the bag mouth, and it may even open multiple bags at a time. If you want to solve this kind of problem, you can only design a manipulator to cover the packaging bag to the discharge port of the electronic scale. After the packaging bag and the discharge port form a closed space, the wheat flour was dropped and filled, and a flexible clamping machine. The packaging bag is tightly clamped on the outside of the discharge port so that the wheat flour will not fly outward during the filling process.


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