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What are the basic structures of packaging machinery?

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The advantage of professional food packaging and processing equipment is that it can save a lot of labor costs, while effectively increasing the productivity of food processing plants. Because of this, food manufacturers now prefer to use professional packaging apparatus to help extend the shelf life of their products.




To meet the high demands of consumers, there are many food packaging equipments available on the market. There are many types of packaging machines. Common packaging machines include bag packing machines, tea packing machines, coffee powder packaging machines, and so on. Although these packaging machinery packaging process, packaging materials, packaging materials are not the same, but they all have a part of the common structure. A variety of packaging machinery has a common structure called the basic structure of packaging machinery. The basic structure of packaging machinery is mainly composed of power components, measuring devices, control systems, conveying devices and bodies, and other parts.



16-1- tea packing machines

First, the power components.

Power components are not only the basic structure of the packaging machinery, but also the driving force of mechanical movement. Common packaging machine power components by the motor, hydraulic pump, and air compressor. An electric motor is the most common bag packing machine power launch part. In order to facilitate the adjustment and drive of each moving part, modern packaging machinery often use several low-power motors as the power source of individual components.



Second, measuring device.

In the quantitative goods packaging, measurement is an important process. Because of the different shapes of goods, packaging methods and packaging specifications also become different. Even for the same kind of goods, there may be different packaging needs because of different sales occasions and sales objects. This causes complications in metrology. Therefore, in high-quality packaging machines, special metering devices are set up to meet consumers needs.


16-2-coffee powder packaging machines


Third, the control system.

There are many control systems for packaging machinery, mainly including electromechanical control systems, photoelectric control systems, and electronic control systems, etc. Their main functions are used for weighing, counting, and safety protection. An automatic packaging machine as a fully automatic function of the packaging equipment can effectively prevent the oxidation of food due to contact with air. In order to keep this high-tech packaging machinery in good running condition, our company uses the most advanced mechanical control system available, which has benefited many factories.


In modern bag packaging production, an automatic bag packaging machine is the mainstream of development. This is because these packaging machines can reduce production costs by simplifying the packaging production process and increasing the labor cow yield. Our company produces high-quality food bag packaging machines, which can meet the packaging needs of various types of items. If you want to find the best packaging equipment, please click on our official website.




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