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What are the characteristics of bag packaging machine?

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In recent years, with the rising living standards, people's shopping needs are also rising. In this case, more and more portable bags are put on our daily life, so filling and packing machines are paid attention to by everyone. So why do we choose a bag packaging machine to make bags? What are the differences between bag feeding machine and general bag making machine? What are the advantages of bag packing machine? The following bagging machine manufacturers will summarize the advantages of bagging machine equipment for everyone.



11-1-filling and packing machine

Equipment features:


1. Beautiful packaging. Prefabricated bags are selected for the seal packing machine, and the packaged products are exquisite in appearance and bright in color, which is beneficial to product sales. There are many fashionable bags, including ordinary flat bags, ordinary self-standing bags, zipper flat bags, zipper self-standing bags and various special-shaped bags. Choosing different blanking devices can package different products, which is a flexible and economical packaging solution, and is suitable for enterprises with large packaging specification span, rich variety of packaging bags and frequent packaging switching.


2. Good effect. Some bag-type vacuum automatic packaging machines use prefabricated bags, the vacuum effect of the packaged products can reach 70%, and compared with the traditional extended film and vertical vacuum machines, they are less likely to inflate and leak.


3. Simple operation. Man-machine controllable interface is selected for bag-type vacuum small pouch packing machine, and each machine is equipped with touch screen. After setting the packaging parameters, it can be operated with one button, which is simple and convenient, and is beneficial to the control of production personnel.


4. Safety alarm device is provided. In case of abnormal air pressure or other abnormal conditions in the production process, it will give an alarm actively and prompt the production personnel to stop to check and handle it.


5. Active detection function. When the packet packing machine grabs the prefabricated packaging bags, if empty bags or unqualified bags are found, the feeding and heat sealing will be stopped, and the bags can be reused to reduce the loss of packaging materials.

11-2-filling and packing machine


6. Fully active production with high power. All the automatic pouch filling and sealing machines are controlled by mechatronics, which actively carry out bag feeding, active metering, blanking, heat sealing and vacuum output. All the processes are finished on one production line, saving labor costs and improving the production power of enterprises.


7. Easy to operate. A bag-feeding packer can pack products of different sizes and shapes. After being controlled by a motor, the bag width can be adjusted arbitrarily and the suitable size can be adjusted. The filling and sealing of the plastic bag sealing machine are relatively independent systems. The two systems are coordinated by mechanical linkage and programmable logic controller (PLC). Therefore, vacuum machine for packing can adapt to different packaging objects and package sizes, and can automatically complete the full-automatic production equipment of packaging processes such as metering filling and sealing. Any product can be packaged quickly, accurately and hygienically.


8. Packaging plans are diverse. Equipped with different filling mechanisms, it can pack various materials. Products of various shapes and specifications can be packaged, such as liquid, paste, paste, solid, powder, granule and strip, and can get used to packaging bags made of various materials, such as composite film, silicon dioxide, aluminum foil, single-layer PE, PP and so on.


9. Precise measurement. The bag-type packet sealing machine is equipped with active metering equipment, which has different metering equipment for different materials, and the metering precision error does not exceed 1 gram, so as to achieve full-automatic production and improve the production efficiency of enterprises.

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