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What are the current market changes and global trends of packaging machinery?

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The rapid global spread of the new coronavirus since February 2020 is the biggest risk to the world economy in 2020. Even after 18 months, the world economic environment still has not recovered as before. So what is the status of the U.S. packaging machinery market in such a situation? Has the market demand for bag packaging machines produced a change? In order to grasp the changes in bag packing machine market in time, as a professional bag packing machine manufacturer, we have organized a special research team to study the impact of COVID-19.


In early 2021, the number of cases in Europe continued to grow at an alarming rate, with countries such as France and Spain imposing strict national curfews and the United Kingdom imposing a third national blockade on January 6. The outbreak has created both a demand and supply shock. In the context of COVID-19, the situation in the food and beverage packaging industry has changed dramatically. As shown in another of our surveys, the demand for tea bag making machines, coffee packaging machines and pouch packing machines has increased due to changes in consumers' home isolation living environment.


68.packaging machinery

Jörg Iguido, deputy director of market development for the Packaging and Processing Technology Association, outlined the current state of the U.S. packaging machinery market and provided insight into other global trends.


Currently, global economic growth is slowing, driven by international trade and a slowdown in manufacturing. There are three major factors contributing to the changing global economic landscape. First, the trade conflict between the two largest economies in China and the United States will have a profound impact on the global economy. Second, potential risks to financial markets will worsen the outlook for economic growth. Third, lower oil prices are likely to lead to uneven global economic growth.


In this uncertain environment, there are many key trends affecting the packaging industry. In recent years, plastic sealing machine machinery companies have increasingly adopted automation technology in their production lines to improve efficiency and productivity. Professional pouch sealing machine companies are using smart manufacturing to maintain a competitive edge and meet their pressing business needs.


At the same time, most industry experts foresee continued growth in the flexible packaging industry. There are two bases for such a judgment. On the one hand, it is because of the increasing consumer demand for convenient packaging, and on the other hand, it is because of the industry's drive for sustainable, shelf-stable product design.


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In addition, consumer demand for sustainable products is driving greater development of this plastic bag packing machine. Brand manufacturers are increasingly considering the materials and composition of their packaging designs. Manufacturers are seeking new materials to meet consumer demands for environmental protection and health and safety in the context of COVID-19. Creating challenges for the packaging business, as machine functions must be aligned with production strategies.


On top of this, manufacturers are looking for comprehensive automation accessories to improve efficiency, as reflected in PMMI's "State of the U.S. Packaging Machinery Industry" report, released in August 2020. Twenty-five percent of these participants said they are looking to achieve higher levels of line integration in their packaging operations to better coordinate production and minimize downtime.

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