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What are the improvement directions of small bag packaging machine?

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Because small packaged foods are easy to carry, satisfy people's original appetite and share with others, they have become the first choice for young consumers, especially young women, and some business travelers also love these foods. Small packaged foods made by snack sealing machine are favored by these online shoppers because of their simplicity, convenience, safety and hygiene, while dried fruits, dried bean curd, seafood meat and other small packaged foods have become the most popular leisure foods. In addition, many merchants also put out slogans such as "health and balanced nutrition", and launched nutritional products such as small packaged whole grain biscuits and VC, which also won the favor of the elderly. The popularity of small package snacks has promoted the position of small plastic packing sealing machine in the market. However, some improvements are still needed in the process of development.



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Improvement direction:


1. Vigorously develop transmission parts and functional parts


Transmission parts refer to cam transmission mechanism, rolling and linear bearing, coupling, cutter, etc. It is an indispensable part of mechanical transmission and an important part of auto pouch packing machine. Functional components refer to control systems, detection devices, protection devices, deceleration and speed-regulating motors, etc. With the improvement of plastic bag packing machine sealer in recent years, the technical content, stability and reliability requirements of these functional transmission components are greatly improved. Functional components with high precision, high speed, large torque, small size, low noise, high performance and long safety life will become urgently needed products in the market.


2. Adapt to product changes and design equipment with good flexibility


Choosing products with market advantages, focusing on key technologies, key breakthroughs and key developments, and making, filling and automatic pouch machines should have good flexibility. In order to improve the degree of automation, microcomputer technology, module technology and unit combination should be widely used to increase product varieties and lay a good foundation for the development of complete sets. The improvement of technical content will further expand the market space of pouch filling and packing machine.


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3. On the premise of users' needs, provide users with a complete system scheme with structure and economy


With the continuous development of net bag packing machine, it is difficult for users to fully understand the structural characteristics, performance indicators and adaptation to the environment of products. This requires enterprises to provide technical advice and support to users, which can answer the questions raised by users accurately and in detail, provide quick and accurate after-sales service, and establish long-term cooperative partnership with users.


4. Seek development through integration and create a new competitive situation


The technical characteristics of semi automatic pouch sealing machine will tend to be "high speed, high efficiency and high quality", and the key development direction will tend to be energy saving, stable and reliable performance, advanced control level, compact structure, low noise, high efficiency, more emphasis on aesthetic design in appearance and more humanized control and operation. The ultimate goal is to improve product productivity and product diversification. With the development of computer technology, the accommodation technology of small automatic pouch packing machine is also reflected in the management of equipment, that is, to establish a powerful service system through computer network technology, including consultation, maintenance report, product database and user files, etc. Communicate with each other through the network, make timely judgments on pvc pouch sealing machines failure phenomena and state detection parameters, analyze the causes of failures, eliminate methods, specifically disassemble and adjust the clamping steps, required accessories and cutting tools, etc., and truly achieve zero-distance service for customers.

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