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What are the selection skills of fertilizer packaging machine?

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When choosing fertilizer packaging machine equipment, many users hope to produce high-yield processing, but are not proficient in how to purchase equipment. It is recommended that users choose the right equipment and manufacturers. It is very important for users to choose the right equipment and manufacturers. There is a mixed bag of large and small fertilizer packaging machine manufacturers on the market, and different manufacturers The quality of the equipment can’t be judged. Let’s tell you how to choose a fertilizer packaging machine. Hope it can help you.


84.fully automatic packaging machine

What packaging equipment is needed to invest in a fertilizer plant

To put it simply, you need to consider the price of fertilizer packaging machine equipment. The price of fertilizer packaging machine equipment is determined by the following factors, such as the degree of automation, packaging specifications, output requirements, and materials. Each factor is different will lead to different fertilizer packaging machine equipment prices.


(1) If your material is powder fertilizer, you can consider a set of fully automatic when economic conditions permit. The fully automatic packaging machine mainly adopts fully automatic computer ingredients + fully automated mixing + fully automated packaging, which can also be effective Saved labor.


(2) The semi-automatic packaging machine mainly adopts artificial ingredients + automatic mixing + semi-automatic packaging. In the case of semi-automatic, manual assistance is required to complete the work.



84.fertilizer packaging machine equipment

Factors that need to be considered when selecting equipment manufacturers


1. Comprehensive strength

Comprehensive strength is mainly reflected in the manufacturer's production scale, whether it has its own professional R&D and quality inspection team, whether the manufacturer has strong funds, and whether it has the strength to introduce more mature processing from abroad.


2. Equipment quality

The quality of the equipment will directly determine the performance of the equipment. High-quality equipment will be more stable and reliable in actual operation, with high operation rate, high production efficiency, low failure rate and long service life.


Go to the manufacturer to conduct on-site inspections, to have a comprehensive understanding of the manufacturer’s production workshop environment, scale, equipment technology and supporting facilities, and to test equipment to observe the performance and operation of the equipment.


3. Factory after-sales service

(1) Customer return visit

After the customer's equipment is put into production and operation, the manufacturer needs to follow up with the customer from time to time to understand the current state of equipment operation, production capacity, use of vulnerable parts, and problems encountered by the customer.


(2) Supply of accessories

Choose manufacturers with a complete after-sales parts supply system to ensure that customers' parts replacement needs are met in the first time and reduce customer downtime for maintenance. 

Customers pay more attention to the price of fertilizer packaging machine equipment. In fact, the price is not fixed, mainly related to the choice of model. The specific quotation is related to the user's actual production situation and the selected equipment model. Welcome to contact us for accurate quotation and model recommendations. We also provide you with packaging machinery such as mini sealer machine, coffee packaging machine, automatic packing machine, semi automatic milk packing machine and liquid sachet filling machine. Please contact us for more information.

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