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What do you know about small particle packing machines?

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Nowadays, the continuous progress of industrial technology and mechanical technology has greatly improved the production efficiency of products, and at the same time reduced the labor intensity of workers. Packaging machinery and equipment, as the basic equipment of modern industrial production, need pouch filling and sealing machines in many product production. Many packaging machine manufacturers have many technical differences, so many factors need to be considered when choosing automatic bag filling machines.



6-1-pouch filling and sealing machine

What is a small particle packing machine?


Small-sized particle packing machines generally adopt small packages, which are mainly suitable for filling particles with good fluidity. The semi automatic pouch packing machine price generally occupies a small space, and certain personnel are required to cooperate with it in operation. It is mainly used for quantitative packaging of granular products such as washing powder, monosodium glutamate, chicken essence, salt, rice and seeds. Generally, the sealing method of small-sized particle used pouch packing machine is thermal sealing, but it can be ordered specially according to the requirements of enterprises.



Characteristics of small particle packing machine:


1. Small occupied space.

2. Weighing accuracy has nothing to do with the specific gravity of materials.

3. Packaging specifications are continuously adjustable.

4. Dust collecting nozzle, stirring motor, etc. can be selected.

5. Electronic scale measurement and manual bagging.

6. Simple operation, simple training for workers.

7. High cost performance, portable packing machine is cheap, but it's full of functions.

8. The packing range is small, which can generally pack 2-2000 grams of materials.

9. Packaging containers are generally plastic bags, plastic bottles, cans, etc.

10. The materials packed by the small particle vacuum pouch packing machine must be particles with strong fluidity.



6-2-pouch filling and sealing machine

Matters needing attention in the use of small particle packing machine:


The maintenance of small particle automatic pouch sealing machine is essential. Firstly, the lubrication work of machine parts is introduced. The oil meter is installed in the box part of the machine, which should be refueled once before use. In the middle, it can be added according to the temperature rise and operation of each bearing. The worm gear box must store engine oil for a long time, and its oil level should be so high that the worm gear is completely immersed in oil. If it is used frequently, it must be replaced with new oil every three months, and there is an oil plug at the bottom. When refueling the pouch packing machine for spices, don't let the oil spill outside, and don't let the oil flow around the machine and on the ground. Because oil easily pollutes materials and affects product quality.


Precautions for maintenance: 1. Check the parts regularly, once a month, and check whether the movable parts of the plastic bag vacuum sealing machine such as worm gear, worm, bolts on lubricating block and bearings rotate flexibly and wear out. If any defects are found, repair them in time, and do not use them reluctantly. 2. The machine should be used in a dry and clean room, and should not be used in places where the atmosphere contains acids and other corrosive gases circulate. 3. When the machine is used or stopped, the rotating drum should be taken out to clean the remaining residue in the bucket, and then installed to prepare for the next use. 4. If the weighing and bagging machine is stopped for a long time, the whole body of the machine must be wiped clean, and the smooth surface of the machine parts should be coated with antirust oil and covered with cloth.

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