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What is a PLC-based powder packaging weighing system?

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I believe that if you understand the production and transportation of bulk powdered materials, you should know that most of China rely on the introduction of foreign automatic weighing packing machine lines, especially in the chemical and grain industries. However, due to the increasing demand, various packaging machinery has gradually appeared in China to meet the needs of manufacturers. And this article mainly introduces the powder pouch packing machine based on PLC, which uses Mitsubishi FX series programmable controller and intelligent weighing display controller to realize the automatic production of soda ash weighing and packaging. Why do we choose this one for the weighing and bagging machine? The reason is simply that this kind of packaging is easier to maintain than other packaging methods, low cost, high accuracy, and strong anti-interference ability.

35-2-powder packing machine

1. What is the system composition of the PLC-based powder packaging and weighing system? 

The powder filling machine with packaging weighing system is mainly composed of a feeding screw, a weighing hopper, a flapper valve, a material receiving port, a belt conveyor, a sealing sewing machine, and corresponding electrical control, weighing control, display devices, and various sensors. But the system is PLC loaded into the user program, it is called a PLC-based powder packaging machine with a packaging weighing system. When you see the weighing display controller is displayed in a normal standby state, you can directly operate normally.

2. What is the working principle of the PLC-based powder packaging weighing system?

There is only one input signal for the PLC to load into the user program system, of which is the 5 digital outputs of the XK3190-C1 weighing display controller. That means that fast feeding, slow feeding, and discharging are used as the input signal of the PLC for the weighing and bagging machine. Other signals are not universal. When the three channels are connected to the load cell, the processing processes, for example, analog-to-digital conversions are all completed by the internal circuit of the display, and the external output will be a digital signal after completion.

35-1-powder packing machine

3. To sum up

In terms of structure, due to the valve design, the PLC-based powder automatic packing system with a reasonable powder packing machine price reduces the impact of the weight of falling materials to a certain extent and further improves the packaging speed. In terms of accuracy, the intelligent electronic packaging scale in an intelligent particle filling machine is combined with PLC, so the electronic scale has an automatic memory compensation function. Whenever continuous operation, you only need to automatically adjust the increase or decrease according to the initial setting value and the current weighing value. You will find that you have gradually achieved the best accuracy requirements. Once you set value and weighing value that can meet the error requirements, and then you can increase the error range appropriately, increasing the packaging speed and increase productivity. 

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