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What is a quantitative packaging scale for bulk grains?

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In the past, bulk grain electronic packaging scales mostly used lever-type mechanical scales, which had low measurement accuracy, unintuitive weight display, and poor reliability. In recent years, with the continuous development of weighing technology, the performance of fully electronic bulk grain weighing and packing machines has become more and more stable and reliable. At present, weighing packing machines with unique design, excellent performance, high measurement accuracy, and stability and reliability have played an increasingly important role in the grain industry.


58 weighing and sealing machine (2)

Composition of bulk grain quantitative packaging scale

The small scale packaging machine is composed of a silo, a feeder, a weighing sensor, a weighing hopper, a discharge gate, a bag clamping mechanism, a packaging machine, and a conveying equipment.


Feeding machine

The feeder of automatic weighing packing machine is comprehensively selected according to the physical and chemical properties such as the particle size and fluidity of the material and the quantitative accuracy. Common feeding methods are as follows: Gate feeding is used for free-flowing, non-caking materials, such as jade, wheat and other pellets. Screw conveyor feeding is used for non-sticky, powdery or fine-grained materials, such as feed, flour, etc. Vibratory feeding is used for free-flowing, large-grained materials, such as food, flake feed, etc.

Weighing part

The weighing part of electronic packing scale is mainly composed of weighing sensors, weighing hoppers, and discharge doors. The design of the weighing part generally combines the maximum quantitative value of the material and the specific gravity of the pile to design a weighing hopper of different sizes. Among them, the load cell is the key component of the weighing part. We use high-precision load cells, which are made of steel elastomer. It has good accuracy and long-term stability, and is very suitable for continuous work in feed processing dust environments.


Bag clamping and packaging conveying part

The action of the bag clamping mechanism is executed by two bag clamping cylinders, which are used to clamp the packaging bag. When the dosing is finished, the bag clamping mechanism releases the bag, the bag falls on the conveying equipment, and the packaging switch of the weighing and sealing machine is pedaled to complete the bag sealing work.



58 weighing and sealing machine (1)

Working principle of bulk grain quantitative packaging scale

1. In the automatic control process of weight packing machine, first start the feeder to feed, when the weighing value> set value 1, turn off the coarse feeding and proceeding to feed, when the weighing value> set value 2, turn off the middle feeding and proceed to fine feeding, when the weighing value> the final value-drop value, close the fine feed, and output the final value end signal. At this time, judge whether the bag is clamped, if it is clamped, discharge the material, otherwise wait until the bag is clamped.

2. After the fine feed is closed, due to the delay of mechanical action and the influence of the aerial blanking column, a part of the material falls into the weighing hopper. The weight of this part of the material is called the drop. But for the adjusted feeder and relatively stable materials, the drop can be compensated by the prediction equation.

The bulk grain automatic weight packing machine has been put into the market for several years, and the production practice of many enterprises has proved that the system is stable, reliable, high-precision, and fast, and has brought considerable economic benefits to the enterprise. Therefore, small box packing machine have a certain promotion value.


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