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What is intelligent weighing and packing machine?

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In recent years, with the rapid development of the packaging industry, weighing and packing machines have been widely used in grain, oil, feed and other industries.



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The shortcomings of weight packing machine

Because the characteristics of each batch of materials (temperature, humidity, particle size and fluidity, etc.) have some changes on site, there are many factors that affect packaging, so that the packaging speed of automatic weighing packing machines can only be slower under the most unfavorable environmental conditions. If the instrument parameters are set according to the current material characteristics to achieve the best packaging speed, it can only be applied to this material characteristics. After a period of time, the material characteristics and environment change, the actual packaging weight will be out of tolerance or the packaging speed will slow down, affecting production.


One way to solve the problem is that the weighing packing machine operator constantly adjusts the instrument parameters according to the changes in the material characteristics to maintain a high packaging speed. Since most of the on-site packing personnel are dispatched workers or temporary workers, they are highly mobile and are not suitable for continuously operating control instruments to adjust parameters.



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The advantages of intelligent weighing and packing machine

Therefore, a solution to the problem of increasing packaging speed under the premise of ensuring packaging accuracy is proposed, that is, an intelligent packing weight machine. Through self-learning and self-adaptive method of automatic weighing and packing machine, it can automatically correct the influence of material characteristics and environmental changes to achieve the best working condition.


At present, the mechanical part of weigh filler packaging machines generally adopts double-bucket alternate weighing to meet the requirements of fast packaging speed. As long as the design structure is reasonable, the mechanical part has little influence on the packaging speed. The influence of the control instrument on the packaging speed is still relatively large, not because of the control of the instrument itself, but because the instrument cannot make intelligent judgments due to changes in the external environment and material characteristics.


The intelligent weighing and bagging machine can not only achieve the best packaging speed under the premise of ensuring packaging accuracy, but also solve some problems encountered in the actual packaging process by adding other functions. For example, during the packaging process, due to some on-site production reasons (such as changing the flatbed truck, lower-level conveyor card package and troubleshooting, etc.), it is necessary to stop packaging for a long time. After a long period of static, the characteristics of the materials in the silo will change. If you pack according to the previous parameters, it is easy to appear out of tolerance. After using the smart linear weigher packing machine, although the meter is working in the smart acceleration mode, if it stops working for more than the set pause time (which can be set in the meter parameters), the meter will automatically re-enter the smart acceleration mode to solve the problem of long-term stop working.


Improving the degree of intelligence, reducing the requirements for operators, and improving efficiency are the development trends of the packaging industry. The intelligent multihead weigher machine introduces self-learning and self-adaptive functions, which can achieve the best packaging speed under the premise of ensuring packaging accuracy, and has a good development prospect.

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